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Welcome to Trippin’ with Tara!  A little about me?  First and foremost I am a wife and mother of 2 young adult women, Gabi and Madi.  After spending years growing social media and blogger connections for a vacation home company, Global Resort Homes, in the heart of Central Florida, I began my blog which began my journey as an Online Influencer.  I share some random stuff on my different social media platforms – but count on Travel, Entertainment, and family and friends to be in the mix!

Tara Gause and Family
Gabi Salinas, Tara Gause, Stan Gause, Madi Salinas photo credit, GMC photography


About Me

July 2020 UPDATE!

Trippin’ with Tara has been around since 2012. I began with covering mostly trips around the world and entertainment with red carpets, interviews, and set visits. But there are some reviews as well as tips and personal stories in there too.

Connecting bloggers and brands was the highlight of my business, and I spent years hosting blogger events. This led to me attending and speaking at other conferences and events. I spent a little time helping some bloggers begin their blogs, with training and set up. So, I kinda know both sides of the PR business. It’s been beneficial.

New World, New Blog Content

Since I have always been all in for anything fun and exciting, this course in life has worked out well for me. But as life has shifted, so has the direction of my blog. So, as of July of 2020, it’s being shifted to more personal stories. It’s not about the views, but about writing for myself. I hope you follow along. You will quickly see that I have a lot to share!

Mary Poppins Returns Premiere
Tara Gause, John Stamos, David Alan Grier Mary Poppins Returns Premiere

Brand Partnerships.

Having a blog has given me some awesome opportunities with Disney, Marvel, ABC, ABC Family, Lucusfilms, KIA, Nissan, Ford, Malaysia Tourism, Visit Phoenix, Experience Kissimmee, Disneynature, Universal Studios, Sea World, Legoland, Westgate Resorts, Omaha Steaks, and many other fantastic companies.  I am available for reviews and sponsored posts relevant to Trippin’ with Tara, as well as speaking engagements.  With the long list of influencers that I have worked with during the events I have attended, I am available for social media coverage of events and brand campaigns, where I work within a budget and put together a team of online influencers that are pertinent to your needs.  By doing this, I can guarantee to have your event or campaign receive a very large reach over social media as well as blog posts.


I am extremely grateful for all I have in my life and look forward to sharing all that I do – so join all my links, interact, and see what I will be up to next!

Buckle up as you start the journey with me!  My goal is to inspire you to travel and live life to the fullest!  Life is a journey, so eat bacon!

Email me: trippinwithtara@gmail.com

trippin with tara

Recommendations found on LinkedIn.

“Tara is an absolute pleasure to work with because she is an exceptional person all around. A fearless, uplifting personality with passion and drive like no other. I have every confidence that Tara will continue to go far, creating solid partnerships along the way.”

— Jeana S worked directly with Tara at Trippin’ with Tara

“Working with Tara was an absolute delight. All communications were clear and to the point prior to travel, so I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on. Itineraries upon arrival were always well thought out and provided me with lots of talking points for my blog and others I write on. Tara met every need of those traveling in our group so that they felt they were at a home away from home. I wish I could work with her on every media trip.”

— Candace Derickx, was with another company when working with Tara at Trippin’ with Tara

“Tara has shown incredible talent as she dove into the turbulent, ever-changing waters of social media. As I’ve worked with her, she proved to be a leader in her marketing efforts. It was exciting to see her creativity first hand as she developed an impressive social media plan for Global Resort Homes along with beginning her own Trippin’ with Tara blog. I look forward to seeing her continue to evolve in all the new media channels that keep coming at us, a journey for which she is well-equipped and seems to enjoy passionately!”

— Chris Brumbaugh, was with another company when working with Tara at Trippin’ with Tara

“Tara is a top professional in the area of using social media and blogs for marketing and public relations. She is NOT a Facebook expert; she is a TOTAL social media and blogging expert. I directed and photographed a short film for her in 2013. Tara masterfully dissected the short into clips and teasers, trailers, and soundbites and distributed them through her blogs and social media outlets.

Using these clips and a slew of photographs, Tara cleverly promoted our film for a full month before its release. There is a shortlist of internet marketing professionals on the bleeding edge of this new advertising method, and Tara is leading this group. There are few people who have as deep an understanding of how to utilize websites and YouTube, social media, and blogging to drive sales as does Tara. Yes, I recommend Tara. Big NYC advertising firms are trying to figure out what Tara is achieving today!”

— Matthew Alcorn, was with another company when working with Tara at Trippin’ with Tara

“Tara is a gem! Her enthusiasm is contagious as she navigates through the various social media channels and other promotional mediums. She is seen as an innovator in her circles and certainly would be a great hire to those who were able to “catch” her.”

— Karen Hutchings, was with another company when working with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara is the best! A bold statement but if you ever met Tara you would know what I mean. She is very good at Social Media Marketing and has a true understanding of how it works. She has helped myself and my company understands the Social Media market. Her bubbly personality coupled with her knowledge makes her a great asset to all who work with her.”

— Pat Schmitt, was with another company when working with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“I had the pleasure of working with Tara both as a customer and a colleague. She has a great attitude and passion for social media and the Global Resort Homes product. Tara oversaw every aspect of our experience and made sure everything was perfect. She truly understands how to actively engage her audience in person and through social media. I would recommend Tara and Global Resort Homes to anybody and everybody!”

— Shawn Spiezio worked directly with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara was a pleasure to work with at Global Resort Homes. She really “gets” social media and how to build relationships with bloggers.”

— Colleen Lanin, was with another company when working with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara is definitely an expert when it comes to Social Media. She has not only helped me, but my company succeeds in Social Media. Her passion and love for the industry is what makes her so successful. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants their company to grow with Social Media.”

— Tim Justynski, was with another company when working with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara is a pleasure to work with! She knows the most efficient ways to connect her brand via social media and I was honored to participate in the event we worked together on.”

— Jen Andrade, was Tara’s client

“Tara is detail-oriented and leaves no detail unaccounted for. She plans events quite well making them very enjoyable. She’s also very easy to work with and quite entertaining and very smart.”

— Louise Bishop, worked with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara is a very organized person, she has many great ideas and truly can inspire the people she is with. She has a positive approach to all things in her life and I really have enjoyed my time working with her. If you are looking for someone to raise the bar she will do just that!”

— Tammy Fluech, was with another company when working with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara is enthusiastic, professional, and thorough. During our business relationship, I was able to depend on her to provide all the information I would need to do my job. She makes marketing fun and positively represented her company the entire time we worked together. I look forward to doing business with her again in the future.”

— Annie Shultz, reported to Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara has a `can do` attitude which is very refreshing in today`s generally pessimistic climate. Although the letting of our house took a longer than everyone thought it would, Tara`s positive attitude was very welcome.”

— Rupert Myers, was Tara’s client

“Tara is our Social Media and Advertising/Marketing Manager for Global. Tara has made huge strides for us in regards to Facebook. We have well over 20k fans and are utilizing FB to grow our business. Tara has also done a great job of gaining relationships with Mommy Bloggers and Travel Writers. As we move forward, she will get more involved with leading our overall advertising and marketing efforts for both Global Resort Homes and Global Real Estate.”

— Russ Kraft, managed Tara indirectly at Global Resort Homes

“Tara has a strong attention to detail and is always a joy to work with.”

— Lee Allport, was with another company when working with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara helped build and refine our Long-term property management division. After successfully completing this task, we created a new position in the company to enhance our communication through social media and other channels, Tara has again taken the bull by the horns and increased our exposure and communication substantially. Her personality makes her perfect for this role in our organization. Tara is hardworking and shares the value’s that we have built our organization on.”

— Guy Bouchard, managed Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara is extremely diligent and is the best as far as Social Media Marketing goes. She has wonderful ideas, great sense of purpose, and is very timely.”

— Kasandria Reasoner, was with another company when working with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“She is a consummate pro! We have worked together a lot on projects and on the air. She is a person who is all about the win. You gotta love that go get them attitude if you are in any business at all. Plus she has a great sense of humor. Don’t EVER pass the chance to work with this woman. Trust me when I say that.”

— Wolf Bowers, was with another company when working with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara has a strong determination to succeed. Her work ethic is that of a dying breed in today’s workforce. Even when she’s away from the job you can find her networking and dreaming up creative ways to strengthen her company. Tara is willing to explore new outlets when marketing via social media. She was one of the first resort marketers I know of to tap into the “Mommy Blogging” phenomenon and has had remarkable results due to her efforts. Tara has a passion for building relationships, which is the cornerstone to keeping your social media presence alive and fresh.”

— Shasta Walton, was with another company when working with Tara at Global Resort Homes

“Tara Salinas has done an exceptional job with social media marketing in the little time she has been in this position with Global. We are all so grateful for her and the great work she has done.”

— Adam Costner, managed Tara indirectly at Global Resort Homes

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