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Tony Brent

Just over a month ago I spent some time with Tony Brent, the star and producer of Orlando’s number one dinner show.  Tony has made the Outta Control Dinner Show, located at WonderWorks on International Drive, home to his typically sold out weekly performances.  Tony was very kind in spending some time with me giving… [Continue Reading]


A Cop and Some Cuffs: My Story

In 2001, I left my job as a corrections officer and moved from Florida to Madison AL, just a few miles from Huntsville.  It was my birthday that weekend, so to the club I went.  Closing time came and I had two choices.  I could take a cab, or I could drive myself.  I had… [Continue Reading]


Help Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Back in June I did an Alzheimer’s awareness post and shared why this is a charity near and dear to my heart.  When I received the following email this morning, I felt compelled to share with you this great opportunity to give. Help Fight Alzheimer’s Disease Life is incredibly hectic, and staying on top of… [Continue Reading]


Eric Garner, Not Forgotten

If you have never heard of Eric Garner, let me tell you a little bit about him.  Mr. Garner was a 350 pound, 43-year-old, 6’3″ tall, asthmatic African American man who previously had been arrested for selling untaxed cigarettes, driving without a license, marijuana possession and false impersonation, all misdemeanors.  On July 17, 2014, witnesses… [Continue Reading]

Eric Garner, Not Forgotten

Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is So Important

I have been going through my Facebook feed and seeing all the hype about the ALS Challenge.  I love to see all the positive responses, and I try to ignore the negative ones.  I realized after a few days that I had been challenged by a friend from high school.  With all the love we… [Continue Reading]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge