American Housewife on ABC

When I was asked to screen the new show American Housewife on ABC I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I knew it had to be funny. With a line-up of hit comedies on ABC’s coveted Tuesday night comedy block, American Housewife fits right in with the perfect story of the not so perfect family.

American Housewife on ABC
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American Housewife on ABC

The comedy stars Mike and Molly‘s Katy Mixon as Katie Otto, a confident, unapologetic wife and mother of three, raises her flawed family in the wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut, filled with “perfect” mommies and their “perfect” offspring.

American Housewife on ABC Katy Mixon
American Housewife on ABC Katy Mixon

If you missed the pilot episode last week, you might want to take a 30-minute break out of your day for some laughs. You can watch in now on ABC online. You will quickly appreciate the humor of her being a “normal” by American standards, mother living in a town that isn’t full of those “normal” people.

I found myself laughing, relating, and even wanting more. What else could a person want from a television show?

While in LA, we had the opportunity to go to a set visit on location at a church. They were filming a Christmas episode, and we were able to watch a few minutes of them rehearsing and then taping a scene. If you aren’t familiar with Katy, she is one that will make you laugh, but put her together with her onscreen BFFs (Carly Hughes and Ali Wong), and her not so BF (Leslie Bibb), well, let’s just say meeting the ladies of the show was a lot of fun!

Creator Sarah Dunn

While taking turns going in and out of the area they were filming, I had an opportunity to chat with the show creator, Sarah Dunn. She shared how American Housewife is her story. She lives the life Katie does so it was easy to find the perfect content for a new show. She’s not a newbie to this world; Sarah was a writer/producer on Murphy Brown, Spin City and Veronica’s Closet which was when she decided to take a break to write a book.

Sarah Dunn/ABC
Sarah Dunn/ABC

Sarah said that she got a call from a producer and was asked to fly out to LA. She didn’t want to and told us that she told the producer that she is now the 2nd fattest housewife in the town she is now living. The producer said, “now that’s a show,” and so she wrote the script.

She has taken her life and situations with her kids and turned it into a show that deals with real issues, but in a funny way, just as Sarah does in real life. She did mention that working on a TV show is much easier than raising kids. “I’d rather do this,” she shared laughing.

“This show is me. Look, I am a size 14. The women in my town work out all the time. They look really good, and they eat very little. I’m 47 and have had to kids. This is my ass. Deal with it.”

I LOVE her, and I love this show.



Tuesday nights just got funnier! ABC boasts a big night of comedy on Tuesday.

8:00 pm – The Middle 

8:30 pm – American Housewife

9:00 pm – Fresh Off the Boat

9:30 pm – The Real O’Neals

*I was invited by ABC and Disney to visit the sets of various television shows as well as an inside look at the upcoming season with various interviews. All opinions are my own.
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