Artist Jack Storms and His Guardians of the Galaxy Pieces

Being a blogger often puts me in a world with lots of people celebrating their successes.  When I go to LA on a press trip, I get to screen TV shows and movies, interview actors and sometimes even get invited to red carpet premieres.  All of that is fun and I don’t take a single trip for granted, but for me, sometimes talking to a friend from high school who’s living his dreams can be just as exciting.  Let me tell you a little about former classmate and now world – renowned glass sculptor,  Jack Storms.

Jack Storms

Jack and I went to the same high school in a small Central Florida town called Inverness.  A place I still think of as my hometown, with so many great memories growing up.  Inverness is one of those towns which had about 200 kids in our graduating classes back those 20 something years ago.  Really, everyone knew everyone…small, tight knit community, and many kids with big dreams.  I have been following Jack’s amazing career as an artist for some time now.  It’s easy to be drawn into his pieces of art because they are just simply mesmerizing.  When he mentioned to me that he had a few pieces that would be in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy film, it was a perfect time to do an interview with him, not only to share his beautiful artwork, but to also highlight the fact that he has TWO pieces of his work in this summer’s biggest blockbuster, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Artist Jack Storms and His Guardians of the Galaxy Pieces

 Cube 2 Jack Storms Glass Sculpture copy

First, your work is amazing.  It isn’t the typical type of glass sculptures we’ve seen over the years.  Describe the technique you use to make your pieces so brilliant.

Most describe my work as Cold Worked Artglass, or Optic Coldwork.  99% of glass art in the world is manipulated hot.  That is, heat is used to shape form.  What I do is much more labor intensive and time consuming…it takes up to 10 weeks to complete a single piece of art.  I sculpt the glass manually.  I work it cold.  I grind it, shape it, finish it cold.  I use no heat in the process.  The extra time and effort pays off in the final artwork.  My artwork shines like a diamond.

How did you get started?

I got started right after college working for an artist in this medium.  Within a couple months, I was running his studio.  I knew it was something I was born to do because very few people had the skill set or the mind set to really push this medium.  In 2002 I opened my first studio and since then I introduced my own take and ideas to cold worked glass.

What was your first piece?

The first piece I created was the Optic Eye.  I just wanted to step out from anything that was done previously.  I wanted to make a piece that would show an organic nature.  I wanted to create a piece that showed human intent and not something that looked like it was made by machine.

Jack Storms

How did you get connected with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy??

That would be a great question for them.  I believe someone on their production staff saw the work in one of my galleries.


Jack Storms

Tell me about the pieces used in the film.

Marvel wanted pieces that seemed fantastical and other worldly.  They wanted a cube form and a more organic flowing form.  I had both in mind and I took to the studio to start in on them immediately.  I made a large Tier Drop and a Large Full Core Cube for the Movie.  I love creating all my work, but these pieces were special to me…I grew up with Marvel Comics.  Stan Lee is revered.  His universe shaped and influenced my artwork so this was a very intimate creation process for me.  I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.  You can see better takes of the two original pieces on this video.

What is next for you?

I always talk about my projects AFTER I am done…but I have a couple projects in the works that really excite me.  The best way to keep up with me and my projects is to follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Where can we purchase your artwork?

My Artwork is available for sale at fine art galleries around the US.  You can browse my current collection  To find out an exact location, you can request purchase information here on my website.

You can see Jack’s pieces in the Broker scene in Guardians of the Galaxy about 15 minutes in, and then again about 5 minutes later.

Mentioned on Yahoo!  The most visible item in the Broker’s shop was a clear cube, which may be a reference to the Cosmic Cube; however, the Cosmic Cube is the basis for the mega-powerful Tesseract in The Avengers, which seems like too big a prize for a space fence to keep in an unguarded case.


I told Jack I hoped to see more of his pieces in upcoming Marvel films.  His response?  “Meeee toooo!”



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  1. I love how he loves his work so much and reflects every day on the pieces he does. My favorite part was naming the “Egg” Viviovo (SP) after his beloved wife. What a great story and to love your work and work doing what you love is amazing. The bonus of have pieces in a record-breaking film like GOTG is a bonus as well.

  2. Toland,

    Everyone gets their start by learning from a master. You should celebrate his success with him instead of feeling betrayed. Be proud. Jack is an awesome artist and he got his ground work from YOU! I love his work and I am proud of all that he has accomplished! Be happy not angry, Be proud not betrayed, Hard work pays off!!

  3. Awesome Article Tara! (as always)

    Toland, just checked out your website! You make beautiful work and it looks like you are very successful at what you do as well. I just don’t see how Jack’s pieces are copies of yours. I see your take to the medium completely different than his take and they are both beautiful. You really should be proud him.

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