Bambi on Bluray

When I think of Disney animated films, sure Moana, Finding Dory and many of the newer films come to mind. But if you ask me about my favorite childhood Disney films, there are many, but one that really stands out to me is Bambi. Maybe it’s the reminder of the importance of taking care of our environment or the emphasis on friendships. It could be the heart-wrenching loss of a mother, but whatever it is about the movie, I am thrilled Bambi on Bluray can be watched over and over again for years to come.

Bambi on Bluray

“Bambi,” which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, joins the Collection on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on May 23, and on Blu-ray™, DVD, and On-Demand on June 6. The Collection release includes a variety of new bonus material; including recordings of Walt Disney discussing the challenges and triumphs during the production of “Bambi;” deleted scenes and characters; stories and effects that “Bambi” had on the Studio, other films, and artists; and much, much more. Additionally, the Digital HD release includes an exclusive, heartfelt feature on the incredible artist, Tyrus Wong, who inspired the film’s soft watercolor backgrounds and beautiful palette.

Download Bambi Backyard Camp-Out


The clips below showcase the early character designs and art styles that went into developing the “Bambi” we all know and love today.

Bambi | Bambi Effect

Bambi | Grasshopper Deleted Scene



Family Fun Activities

Activity sheets

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My First Garden | Garden Markers | Backyard Camp-Out 

Trailside Treats | How To Draw Bambi | How To Draw Thumper


Voices of Bambi and Thumper

Learn a little history from the men that did the voices of Bambi and Thumper in my previous post! Peter Behn who is the voice of Thumper in Bambi and Donnie Dunagan who is the voice of Bambi gave a candid interview about their experience and what they remember.


Download Bambi My First Garden

Bambi NOW on Digital HD and Blu-ray & DVD

I attended the #PiratesLifeEvent and the press junket for #BambiBluray. All opinions are my own.
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