Best Gifts for Hard to Buy for Teens

My youngest daughter Madi recently turned 17. She is super hard to buy for since she works and pretty much buys the things that she wants. So for her birthday, I wanted to think out of the box a little to come up with some of the best gifts for hard to buy for teens. She wanted to do a big dinner out with friends, so one thing I knew she would love is a party bus. Second, if you know a teen anything like mine, Snapchat is something that she uses all day long. So, I found a way to give her a gift that is unique and something she will remember for a very long time.

Best Gifts for Hard to Buy for Teens

I live outside of Orlando, so finding transportation for an event isn’t hard. For Madi’s birthday, she had 25 friends on the list to join her for dinner in a popular hotspot, Pointe Orlando. She and her friends really enjoy going to the Greek and Mediterranean restaurant, Taverna Opa. They offer pre-set menus for large parties, but they also are great about having everyone order off the menu. And even split 26 ways, the staff made it easy and the kids could focus on the food and fun Opa has to offer.

Party Bus

To get everyone there together and on time, we decided to hire a party bus through Cool Limo for Less.

Cool Limo is a limo service providing luxury limousines for business and vacation travelers generally in the Orlando, Orlando Airport & Central Florida Region for more than 15yrs. They also provide out of town transport from Sanford, Tampa & Daytona Airport. I have used their services before when I needed a limo and I have also have used them for personal transportation to the airport. I trust the brand and their drivers. 

Their 26 passenger bus was perfect for the occasion. The driver was friendly, and most important to me, responsible. He allowed the kids to be kids. They played their music, danced and had some fun, but it never got out of hand. He picked them up and then brought them back when they were done. Everyone arrived at Taverna Opa on time, and from the looks of the photos, fun was had by all.


As I mentioned before, chances are if you have a teen, they are on Snapchat, and did I get the teen approval on this gift. For her actual birthday, I made a geofilter for the kids to use for the day at school.

Now, their school doesn’t allow phone use during the day, so it was more fun for them to use before and after school. And she and her friends loved it!


I did the same thing for the night of the party. I was able to make a geofilter available at Pointe Orlando for a few hours during dinner. You may think this could add up quick, but friends, I am telling you, to make a filter takes a little time and you can work within your budget.

It’s not at all hard to do. To make a geofilter, you do need to have a Snapchat account. But it’s pretty easy to follow the directions one you log in. Make sure to save yourself the trouble of getting a filter design denied, do not add any #’s or @usernames to the design for the filter. Snapchat will kick it back, and you will have to start over to make a new one.

Ahhh, to be seventeen again. So, now I need to start thinking her 18th birthday! Do you have some great teen gift ideas? Please share them with me below.

*I received a discount from Cool Limos in exchange for sharing their services on this post. All opinions and awesome gift ideas were all my own.



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