Blindly Putting Money into Savings with Acorns

I wish I were better at saving money. I have worked hard over the years, and with the ups and downs of the blogging money making world, it’s not always easy to save without making an effort. I am not talking about a cushion savings account. I am talking about the kind that money goes into, and you just leave it alone. That is why I started blindly putting money into savings with Acorns.

I haven’t partnered with Acorns on this post. As a matter of fact, the reason I am sharing this with you all is that, first, it works. Second, I got an exciting email that made me think; I should be sharing this with my readers.

Blindly Putting Money into Savings with Acorns

So what is Acorns and how does it work? 

So basically, when I make a purchase with one of my attached accounts, the change is rounded up. So if I make a purchase for $25.49, .51 goes to my Acorns account. It’s as simple as throwing your change into a jar, but it’s an investment account with room to grow. In just a few months I have about $200 of “spare change” in my account.

Found money?

There are brands that you may shop with already that will invest into your future. This may encourage you to spend a little smarter.

How do you sign up?

What’s in it for me?

My motive? Well, of course, it’s ultimately to help you save money as I have done for myself. But it also can earn me money (and you too!).


“Earn a $500 bonus when 10 friends start investing this month! In this time for gratitude, we’re grateful for you and our growing community. You’ll also earn $5 per referral, and we’ll plant an oak tree with OneTreePlanted for each new friend.”


Go download Acorns from the app store and begin saving up your change. It’s fun to watch your money to grow and appreciate over time. Acorns is a great way to try a slow and steady approach to wealth accumulation that won’t make you rich overnight. However, it’s pocket change that in the future you can be thankful for having

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