Disney’s Interactive Queues – A Parents Dream Come True

Part of the new Dumbo waiting area. Credits: Disney Parks Blog

Disney’s Interactive Queues  –

A Parents Dream Come True!


Have fun while waiting your turn for a ride at The Magic Kingdom?  It almost sounds too good to be true.  But not if you are waiting for some of the rides at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.   Disney’s interactive queues is an ingenious idea, and for parents with little ones wanting to get on Dumbo, this makes those long dreaded wait times a thing of the past.


From the entrance to the waiting area to the ride – Dumbo the Flying Elephant is worth the wait!


Last month I had the opportunity to check out the fun new interactive waiting area at Storybook Circus located in the new Fantasyland, where the classic Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction has been doubled in size with having two rides that go at the same time.  They have this amazing “play while you wait” enclosed area in – wait for it – an AIR CONDITIONED room.  This is such an awesome thing!  Once you arrive at the ride you receive a pager, kind of like one you would get at a restaurant.  Then you enter into a circus tent area that is full of kid friendly activities and benches all around for the parents to sit and relax.  Did I mentioned it is an air conditioned area?  If you have ever been to Disney, you know this is a HUGE plus.  So what happens when it’s your turn?  The pager goes off and you get in line to be the next group on the ride.  It’s brilliant.  Any parents of young children will agree!


Part of the new Dumbo waiting area.
Credits: Disney Parks Blog


Then there is the beloved Magic Kingdom’s Classic, The Haunted Mansion.  There are 999 ghosts to meet while on the “Doom Buggy” ride through the spooky rooms of the mansion.  But if there’s a wait, again Disney has made the wait queue full of interactive fun!  You will find the same type of interactive things to do in the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as well.  Check out the video for all the fun!  So much more to come with the opening of The New Fantasyland in December!  So check back as I fill you in on what’s open now and all the fun to come!

The interactive line at Disney’s Haunted at the Magic Kingdom make waiting fun!

Over the past few months the Walt Disney World® Resort has rolled out some fun new enhancements to the queues at several popular attractions. New themed interactive elements have been added to the queue areas at Dumbo the Flying Elephant, The Haunted Mansion and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, helping to turn wait time into play time.




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  1. I’ve never made it to disney (so far, anyway!) but I know how awful amusement park lines can be — I can imagine they can be unbearable when you have really young children. This is a great ‘fix’. 🙂

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