Everyday Organization with Wrap Buddies

A Versatile Product for Everyday Organization

I’m excited to talk about a new product that makes gift wrapping so much easier. The even better thing about this brand is that I’ve found other uses for this product that will allow you to use it all year round. The brand I’m talking about is Wrap Buddies. Wrap Buddies was made with gift wrappers in mind, as a means to make wrapping those gifts easier than ever. While I highly recommend Wrap Buddies as a means to make wrapping gifts easier, I have some other options for using Wrapping Buddies all year round. 

Everyday Organization with Wrap Buddies

As we enter the warm summer months, many families will be gathering outside to enjoy a grilled meal. Well, what happens when you need something to hold the aluminum foil for you while it sits grill side? Wrap Buddies is a fabulous option to help you hold aluminum foil when you’re enjoying grill season. You can also use this for parchment paper while you’re baking in the kitchen. 

While Wrap Buddies is for sure a fantastic tool to get those presents wrapped without creating a mess of your wrapping paper, they truly are a versatile product. I can foresee teachers using Wrap Buddies to help organize their craft area or homeschool parents who need to help keep their homeschool supplies organized. The options are truly endless when it comes to using Wrap Buddies in your life. 

About Wrap Buddies

When creator Bret Wortman became frustrated with wrapping gifts, he decided enough was enough. IN 2008 Bret decided to create the first Wrap Buddies using wood that fit a table perfectly without any adjustment abilities. Many years later when 3D printing became a popular option, Wrap Buddies were transformed into something more versatile. Wrap Buddies can fit to just about any paper roll, such as aluminum foil rolls, wrapping paper rolls, or parchment paper rolls like I said above. 

Wrap Buddies helps keep things in place and moving smoothly. No more ripping something halfway through the process or losing the end of your aluminum foil as you’re trying to wrap up your grilled food to keep it warm for the family. Wrap Buddies have really mastered the ability to keep your home organized from gift wrapping to grilling and everything in between. 

How Wrap Buddies Work

  1. Clip Wrap Buddies to any table or countertop
  2. Place the roll in between the Wrap Buddies and adjust the spacing fit the length 
  3. Unroll the paper, measure, and easily cut

I must say that Wrap Buddies have come a long way since Bert’s first wooden creation that had no adjustments. Wrap Buddies can adjust to fit just about any size roll and table thickness for clamping which is why I’m excited to share this product with you! There’s no end to the ways Wrap Buddies can keep your life organized. 

Wrap Buddies comes in a pair (one for each side of the paper roll) and are available in different colorsYou can find them retailing for $19.99 on Amazon or https://wrapbuddies.co.

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