For the Love of Bacon

For the Love of Bacon


My someecard regarding the bacon shortage


It isn’t a secret.  I Tweet, Facebook, Instagram and Pin all the time about my love of bacon (crispy please).  There’s something special about that salted, crunchy pork taste that I just love.  Yes, I know it’s not the best thing to eat, and for me, that’s ok.  Someday I may feel differently, but for now, I say, let them eat bacon!



With this obsession I have, my friends feel the urge to share all things bacon they come across on my Facebook page weekly.  A photo that was posted earlier this week made me laugh and shake my head – is this what I have earned in the social media world??

Bacon Beer Mug!


I know, right?  I mean even this one was a bit much for me….but I am happy that when my friends see a bacon post they think of me and take the time to share.  For no matter what the post, it’s a guaranteed smile on my face.  🙂


I get lots of someecards like these.

The second someecard I find funny for I think that I may have lived BC if I do the math right!


Here are just a few of the photos that have been shared on my page.  I can’t give photo credits to where these came from – so if your photo is in this group, please let me know and I will be happy to give you full credit.  Enjoy, for the love of bacon!  🙂


Bacon breakfast cups and bacon straws!

I have yet to have tried either of these, but when I do I promise to post!


Bandages and costumes!

No, I am not dressing up as bacon for Halloween.  lol

Bacon made on a Sunday morning and two true stories!

Sorry, that song is stuck in my head now too!

And just a few more….

I would share my bacon with you, really I would.  I have received several dozen bacon roses.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the posts others have shared on my page.  They also post videos and articles, especially lately with the bacon shortage hitting the news.  I take photos of all things bacon often and share, as well as talk about bacon often in my posts.


Some of my friends recently had a box of bacon shipped to me!

Best. Gift. Ever.

I love bacon.  Please, keep sharing!  Your posts make my day!  For the love of bacon!






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