Frozen Treat Bar at RaceTrac Swirl World

Us Floridians know hot! Summer gives us the long, steamy days, especially in the South. We have come to recognize that summer isn’t just a season, it’s a way of life for us, enjoying every sweaty second. With the brutal heat and the long days, we have to thank the Lawd (hear my southern accent there?) the frozen treat bar at RaceTrac Swirl World, fits right in with the dead heat of summer. We sure have been taking advantage of all the summer goodness in a cup with a different twist on flavor every time.

Frozen Treat Bar at RaceTrac Swirl World

Frozen Treat Bar at RaceTrac Swirl World

We just love RaceTrac‘s Swirl World, especially in the on days it reaches 100. Every time we go, we end up with a new treat. The frozen treat bars feature 10 flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt, ranging from chocolate and vanilla to Yellow Cake Batter and there are sorbet choices available as well. More than 40 toppings, including fruits, candies and my favorite, sprinkles, are available. Get it in a choice of cup, sugar cone or waffle cone. The Swirl World creation possibilities really are endless…


Madi made a mixture of chocolate chip cookie dough and ice cream sandwich to make a “chipwich”. She added some toppings and needless to say, it was so good! Her friend made a mixture of cake batter with cookies n’ cream. He added sprinkles and hot fudge to his cup.

And these prices are insane for what you get. Starting at just $.44 per ounce and only $1.49 for a cake cone, a waffle cone is just $2.49, you can’t beat the price for this treat all summer long.


It’s already hot here in the south, and we’re so grateful for unlimited cold drinks with Sodapalooza and frozen treats at with Swirl World at RaceTrac! 

Twitter Party with Me and WIN

Trying to stay cool in the south this summer? Join me to chat summer favorites like ice cream, froyo and Italian Ice. Yes, I’m talking Swirl World (and how you can win a year’s supply) on June 29 at 8:00 p.m. #HowYouSwirlWorld




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Tell me How You Swirl World! Add the hashtag #HowYouSwirlWorld to Instagram and Twitter posts and tag me, @trippinwithtara, on Instagram and @tasalinas on Twitter, so I can check out your delicious treat and you have a chance to win a $50 RaceTrac Gift Card. Post from now until July 31 (dates subject to change). Enter on Twitter or Instagram by using the program hashtags #HowYouSwirlWorld, #Sweepstakes and tagging my proper social handle. You may enter one time per day per platform. I will announce the winner on Friday, 8/4.

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  1. I found Swirl World by surprise one day getting gas. I am now totally hooked on coming as much as I can. The prices are affordable and the location is convenient. The blue sherbert is my absolute favorite! I put it in a waffle cone and top it with needs and gummy worms! Lol..beware you will have blue lips after eating this delicious treat. Your inner kid will shine!

  2. Great read. Do you have any idea, from where I could find the nutritional values for the vanilla ice cream swirl at Racetrac’s Swirl World? Thanks Andre

  3. instead of wasting gas, I can’t find out which locations have this & which don’t I’m pretty sure one by my house doesn’t because I go there often.
    Why can’t you list by zip or city which ones do?

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