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I find myself daily saying, “There’s an app for that,”. So, it’s no surprise to find one that makes listening to music adults love without the worry of explicit lyrics or content. Enter Fruit Punch the music app made for kids. An app that takes away the worry of what music your kids are listening. Fruit Punch Music does not have ‘explicit lyrics’, but also has been screened for content and subject matter. A real subject-matter expert curates every track to make sure it’s appropriate for kids. This goes beyond the usual ‘explicit’ labeling that most services use (Apple Music, Spotify, etc).


The app, Fruit Punch Music, is the first ever family-focused music streaming service where every song is individually programmed for kids and their family. They are one of the few media companies focusing on delivering fun, safe and affordable content/music for families.

Age appropriate and over 30 stations.

Fruit Punch Music is safe for kids 3+ and with 35 different stations, you can enjoy all sorts of music ranging from Top 40 hits, classical music, and bedtime songs. It’s nice to be able to listen to music from today, the 90s or kids tunes, and all commercial free.

Setting for Parents

For parents that like to limit the use of electronics, there is a setting for a time limit. There is also a place to filter the stations that can be heard. This can be for a station you don’t want to hear too, I mean, back in the Barney days with my girls, how many times can one sing “I love you, you love me”? So whether you don’t want your little one to hear the sound of the ’60s or you can’t do “Let it go” one more time, there is a place for filtering those out.


Each song on Fruit Punch Music passes a multipoint approval process that ensures children will never hear anything inappropriate. Not just a simple word filter, all music is pre-screened for language and content. For additional control, you can easily block specific stations and set daily time listening limits to encourage responsible listening. All parent controls are secure from child access with a special password lock.

Try before you subscribe.

Fruit Punch offers a free 7- day trial, then it’s  $3.99/month or $ $29.99./year subscription. This is an app that helps you monitor your kids without any thought. And it’s commercial free and safe for the little ears.

Save $5 off your first year of an annual subscription when subscribing through the website (

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kids music app

Fruit Punch Music is the first ever family-friendly music streaming service where every song is individually programmed for kids ages 3-8. With Fruit Punch Music, you can feel safe letting your kids listen to any station, all while enjoying quality listening time with your whole family.

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  1. Very great app. Kids friendly app are very important. Kids can enjoy and can be entertained with these types of apps which will not only result in the happiness of kids but also leads to the satisfaction of parents as well. As nowadays kids like to hear music but parents are worried that sound intensity is not good for little ears but this app is the kind of mental relaxation to parents whose kids ear are safe due to this wonderful app.

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