Gabi Travels to Home Stay in Australia

As part of a special summer program, my daughter Gabi took part in an incredible trip to Australia. She decided to share her journey on Trippin’ with Tara. Enjoy her daily journal with photos and videos.

Today was travel day. We had a long ride from Sydney to Port Macquarie. So, along the way we stopped in Sydney to take pictures. Since we never really got to see Sydney because of our late arrival, this was supposedly the first and only time we would be seeing any of Sydney. Luckily we found out later that day that Qantas confirmed flights that let us extend our trip!


Gabi Travels to Home Stay in Australia

We were pretty much in a bus all day. It was a long ride. We stopped at a shopping plaza to eat. I had pizza with a pastry that was a piece of bread like a Hawaiian roll with icing and sprinkles. It was interesting…. When we got to Port Macquarie we took a bunch of pictures with painted Koala bears. They are along the whole coast.


During the ride around the town on our way to the school we saw how close we were to the beach. It is beautiful here even though there was a little rain.

We finally arrived to school and after watching families arrive, I started to get nervous. I ended up in a house with two girls. One 13 and one 17. They are really nice. I went for a walk with Claudia (the 17 year old) and her dog. I learned a lot about the differences in Australia teen lives than in America. After we got back we ate dinner and watched Netflix… until I fell asleep on the couch. I’m still not adjusted to the time.


Home stay part one.

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