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I don’t collect a lot of things.  I mean, of course I have photos and a few things that were special handmade gifts and such from the girls that I’ve kept over the years.  The only other things I really keep are cards.  You know, the ones with handwritten notes.  It seems rare to receive a note in the mail like this for with email and so many social media platforms, isn’t it just easier to say thank you on someone’s Facebook wall, or give a Twitter shout out for being so awesome?  I mean, social media has a purpose, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.  It’s part of my everyday life, so trust me, I am on there all the time.  But getting those special handwritten notes means so much to me.


Recently I interviewed Jaime Sullivan of Bravo’s Jersey Belle.  After our interview she was so kind and sent me a thank you card with a sweet handwritten note.  It was so thoughtful.  Something so simple, and it really made my day.


Then recently when I had a birthday, I got several funny and sweet cards, all with special notes, and as much as I love getting all the love on Facebook and Twitter, those cards are still my favorite birthday wishes.  And this year, my daughter Madi, who is now 14, made me a card.  She has pretty much made me one every year since she’s been able to write.  Those kinds of cards…treasures to me!


And then I have this card that is over 21 years old that my mom sent me.  I was living in Pennsylvania working my first job.  She was always great about sending me cards.  I love that I have so many great handwritten memories.  This one is a favorite.


This got me thinking and I decided to challenge myself to remind some people just how important they are to me.  So I am going to send at least 2 handwritten notes out per week for the month of September.  Think about how nice it would be to receive a note from one of your friends or family members.  Why not take a few minutes and do it too?  You know, I can promise it will make you smile to think about their smile when they get that sweet note from you.

Happy September!  Let’s make each other feel good!

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