Jersey Belle’s Jaime Sullivan and Her “Cawfee Tawks”

Ok, so before Jersey Belle even aired I was a fan of Jaime Sullivan.  I feel very lucky to have received a random email requesting an interview about her new show on Bravo.  Little did I know prior to that interview I would feel like I had a new friend, and more importantly a person that would inspire me in many ways.  She isn’t even aware of this really, well, not yet. (Hi Jaime, waving from the airport in Wisconsin at the moment.)



If you take a few minutes to read my interview with Jaime you can easily see that she is a woman that believes in family, friendships, loyalty, integrity, and lifting women up.  A breath of fresh air on the reality TV scene no doubt, making it a show that I don’t just watch, but so does Donnie.  She is just funny, real and really unapologetically not the girl next door, yet best friends with a group of women that she loves for being exactly that, and in return, they along with her viewers have fallen in love with her.


So when Jaime started her morning Cawfee Tawks, I was almost jealous that I hadn’t thought of that, but at the same time so excited to hear what she had to share for she always makes me think, and in the end I feel she just wishes for everyone to be the best they can be, have a kind heart, be real and stop hurting each other, but love each other instead.  From kids to adults.  Here are a few examples of her and her morning Facebook posts. You’ll quickly see exactly what I am tawking about.

Jersey Belle’s Jaime Sullivan and Her “Cawfee Tawks”




So there you have it!  Go like Jaime on Facebook and enjoy.  I have made having coffee with Jaime part of my morning routine.  Maybe we can all virtually have coffee together.


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  1. She seems like a great mom, but she really needs to stop her daughter from sucking her fingers. She is way too old. That is the parents job to correct that. That can cause many problems in the child’s jaw, and breathing problems. Not to mention germs and skin rashes on the hands. That child is just way to old to be acting like a toddler. She is in school already and still doing this?

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