Lake Tahoe Adventure in my KIA Sorento

Since a road trip I took with my family last year, I am so in love with the western United States. With so many gorgeous landscapes, I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity in life to see many places. Colorado, Arizona, and California have put me in awe of their beauty with the red rocks, snow capped mountains, amazing trees, pristine lakes, and winding creeks that end with waterfalls. So when I visit a new place, and it’s a place that I hadn’t given much thought, yet it gives me that awe from it’s beauty, that’s special. Lake Tahoe is that place.

Lake Tahoe

KIA invited me to be part of a press trip covering the 2016 Sorento. I’m so happy they chose this location, for completely selfish reasons, but now I understand why they did. Coming from my honeymoon in Colorado, where I saw some of the prettiest views of my life to Lake Tahoe, sigh…it’s equally as beautiful.

Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe

KIA put us up in the ever so beautiful Ritz Carlton.

The Lake Tahoe resort’s mid-mountain location on Northstar California provides access to a family-friendly playground offering the region’s best summer adventure. Hiking, mountain biking and fly fishing can be experienced just steps from our backdoor with shopping, dining and a variety of activities available in the Village at Northstar and historic downtown Truckee. A luxurious mountainside spa, access to championship golf and a vibrant children’s program filled with interactive games, crafts and opportunities to connect with our mountain setting in meaningful ways allows every member of the family to make the most of their North Lake Tahoe vacation.

Lake Tahoe Adventure in my KIA Sorento

Stepping out of the hotel lobby onto the drive and seeing a row of beautiful KIA Sorento’s and being told, go pick one. That’s like a dream in itself, isn’t it? But then they gave us instructions to take our Sorento down into town stopping and snapping some photos along the way. Little did my partner for the day, Dusty Bastian of, know that we were about to embark on a Sorento Adventure that would have us one of the last to arrive at the coffee shop for we stopped every 100 feet it seemed, for each turn gave us a view prettier than the last.

We really enjoyed driving and riding in the Sorento. It rides beautifully, it’s a gorgeous car, it’s fantastic on gas, has all the tech gadgets of any techie dreams, really, I fell in love with the car. We drove the 4 cylinder turbo. The other option was a V6. We got a wink wink from one of the KIA execs that we’d be very surprised how well the 4 cylinder with turbo will do with the elevation. He was right. We had no lag and the pick up was surprisingly smooth.

KIA Sorrento Lake Tahoe

After many stops with several insanely beautiful views, we headed back to the hotel for an outdoor excursion of hiking.

With a quick change of clothes back at the hotel and some yummy BBQ lunch, we had a precession of KIA Sorento’s heading to the starting point of our hike. We hiked to about 8500 feet above sea level looking over Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada. We were basically standing on on a volcano staring out at a breathtaking view learning how Lake Tahoe became to be. Our guide shared the belief of the lake being made by and Tsunami. Here is a video explaining exactly what the guide shared with us.

With a interesting history lesson and then beauty from the lake and trees, our guide pointed out the Wolf Lichen on a pine tree, almost florescent green in color, it made the trees look somewhat magical.

Wolf Lichen

This, the lake views and just the natural beauty of the forest gave me photos, all taken with my iPhone, which are worth sharing.

Explore the trails of Lake Tahoe and Truckee! We have many great guided hiking options for adventurers of all abilities. Tahoe Adventure Company offers everything from a mellow day-hike with the family to a full day on the trail. We will work with you to determine the appropriate hiking distance and trail for your group and take care of all the details. We offer itineraries throughout the Lake Tahoe and Truckee region and truly have something for every level of hiker. Via Tahoe Adventure Company


I have to thank KIA for inviting me to be part of the KIA Sorento Adventure and sharing the beauty of Lake Tahoe with me. It was a press trip I will always remember!


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