Love Has No Labels Video

Several of my friends shared this video on Facebook.  I love it so much for the message is beautiful.  It’s nice to see something that just makes you feel good.  Take a look.  You’ll see.  Everyone deserves love.

Love Has No Labels Video

Coming from a multicultural family with my father being a Catholic Cuban and my mother being a Jewish Pollock, I am one of those people.  Looking at me, no one would know.  I am equally as Hispanic as I am a white Pollock.  I am Jewish by birth and even with a Catholic father, I grew up going to a Southern Baptist church thanks to my best friend at the time and her family asking me to join them on Sundays.  The father of my daughters’ is Mexican.  That makes them Cuban, Pollock, Mexicans.  So aren’t they a walking racist joke?

My point being, I am here because my parents fell in love.  Differences and all.  Some of my closest friends are gay.  I love seeing them openly loving each other, for they deserve love.  The color of ones skin doesn’t make a person.  Their heart does.  Whether you are a person that believes in the word of God, or you just believe in the power of love, if we all lived by rule one life, it’s that we should just love humanity, we all deserve it, and we owe it to our children.

I am thankful I came across this video.  It has a great message.

“We all have different religions, but we have universal love as well.”

“Love is love.”

“Our family is no less than any other family.”

Love you all!

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