Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer Helping Keep the Germs Away

Ok, I admit it, I am a bit of a germ freak. I am better than I was when the girls were little, but I still won’t open a bathroom door with my bare hands. I know, I just can’t help myself. So when I was asked to try the NEW Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer, it was a quick yes. The reason, my daughter’s school backpack. Do you know how gross those things get? Let me tell you. I watch her throw it on the floor, in the dirt, on the road, in her car, the living room sofa, and (gasps) even her bed. Oh, the germs!

Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer Helping Keep the Germs Away

Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer is a revolutionary laundry additive that kills 99.9% of bacteria that detergents may leave behind.  With the ability to eliminate bacteria even in cold water, I know I can feel confident that I am helping to protect my family with truly clean laundry. From classroom floors to high school bathrooms to the courtyard on the school grounds, her backpack has seen (and touched) it all.

I had my daughter take some photos of her backpack during a school day. She was surprised how mindless she had been about the places it would touch, only to end up by the end of the day on her bed. I think she may have even been grossed out enough to ask me to wash her bedding and she’s now rethinking where she will be putting it down next time.

Use it on just about everything!

Of course, my main use of Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer isn’t just for Madi’s backpack. I kinda love washing all the towels together, both whites and darks. It’s safe for both since it doesn’t contain any bleach. My whites really came out white while my gray towels lost no color. And being summer here in Florida, we are at the lake, beach, or pool, so suntan lotion, chlorine, salt and lake water all add up to stains and smells. All taken care of with the help of Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer.

Oh, the smells. I relate to them all. I am sure no matter how old your kids are, you can too! It’s nice to feel like you are killing that bacteria with Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer.



So what happened when I finally washed that germ infested backpack? The results were impressive.


Her bag has a distressed look, so this is clean, all then pen marks and stains are gone, but most of all, it is bacteria free and smells great!

This made it easy for me to switch from using harsh chemicals in my laundry. I love that it’s safe and it works! Here’s your chance to win a bottle to try!

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*This post is sponsored by Lysol®. All opinions and germs are my own.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try this on my toddler’s cloth diapers. I rinse poop out immediately and wash them all every night BUT poop, ya know.

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