Spice Up Your Next Party With Special Guest App

A boring and poorly planned party is one of the most disappointing things that can occur. We’ve all been to one, even if we wish we hadn’t. Lots of things can make a party boring; most reasons seem to revolve around the presence (or lack of) live entertainment. However, even with live entertainment present, there’s always a chance that the entertainment doesn’t fit the atmosphere of the party. Or they just simply are not good at performing. Thankfully, Special Guest App allows you to hire live entertainment from a wide talent pool. How exactly is using the Special Guest App any different from hiring entertainment the traditional way? Here’s how you can spice up your party with Special Guest App.

Spice Up Your Next Party With Special Guest App

Image Credit: Pixabay

Image Credit: Pixabay

Compare Talent

One of the best features about Special Guest App is it allows you to compare talent in your area. Previously the talent you could hire only stemmed from who you knew or whom in which you were familiar. However, Special Guest App takes performers from your local area and puts them in one place. This means that you can find performers ranging from hypnotists to comedians for your party. As a party planner, you will be able to see exactly the type of performer you need to spice up your party and liven the crowd. Never before has finding live entertainment for a party been so simple and easy.

Find The Perfect Rates

Another big problem that typically arises from hiring live entertainment is the price. People who aren’t keyed into the live entertainment industry usually are not familiar with what is a good deal and what isn’t. Also, the lack of options typically drove prices way up since there weren’t really a lot of possibilities from in which to choose. A lot of times party planners would just be stuck with a bad deal because they couldn’t find any other performers and couldn’t risk having any live entertainment at all. Now with the introduction of Special Guest app, consumers have a wide variety of talent to choose from, thus ensuring that they will get a fair deal. In addition, consumers can sort talent by the rates they offer for performances. This allows consumers to fit the costs of live entertainment perfectly into their budget and ensures that live entertainment doesn’t eat up other portions of the budget like food or decorations. By finding talent with the perfect rate, you can ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice other portions of your party, allowing you to spice up your party in all aspects.


Leave and Read Reviews

Special Guest App allows you to leave text reviews with a five-star rating system, ensuring that your opinion on a particular performer’s performance will be heard. This is great, as it allows you to see what other people have said about a performer before you commit to hiring them for your party. You can learn different things about each act through the reviews of other consumers, thus allowing you to make a well-informed decision on who to hire. These reviews will give you a great idea on what each act is like, allowing you to hire the perfect live entertainer to spice up your party.


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