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Sutherlin Nissan Orlando
Sutherlin Nissan Orlando


When I got a call from Sutherlin Nissan of Orlando asking if I’d be interested in reviewing their vehicles I got excited!  Growing up, my dad owned a car dealership and one of the fun things I loved about this was my mom always driving something new.  Thinking about that instantly made me grin.  The girls are going to LOVE this!

With my first visit to Sutherlin Nissan, I got to witness something you don’t normally see when visiting a dealership.  The Sales Team was meeting in a large circle out front.  I was a few minutes early to my meeting, so I did a quick check of my email and such as they finished up their meeting.  Then I watched as the circle tightened up into a group hug!  Wow!  I instantly felt like I was going to be walking into an environment that would be a little different.  I realized I was about to be welcomed into a family.  I can’t think of many things that would put anybody purchasing a new vehicle at ease more…a welcoming family feeling.

Meeting with Finance Manager Jorge Mendez and then with the owner, US Marine, my excitement grew.  Yes, reviewing a car is an awesome perk in the world of blogging, but reviewing a car for a local dealership that you genuinely like the people there – that makes this a review not only about the car, but of the place to go when you are ready to buy one for yourself.

Located conveniently on the east-side of Orlando off 436 with a new location in the works – anyone looking for a place to car shop should give Sutherlin Nissan a look.  The staff is awesome!  The sales staff are friendly and keep you from feeling pressured, the finance manager can work miracles and the service team is friendly and quick!

They offered me an opportunity to drive a brand new 2013 Nissan Altima for the weekend!  I jumped at the chance and look forward to share the fun I had on our little road trip to end our summer break!

With almost a 5 star rating on, the great reviews are endless –

I recently purchased a 2013 Altima.
The sales personnel was very courteous and without pressure we were able to negotiate a very fair deal. US Marine and Tobic costumer service totally changed my previous opinion of a car salesman. They are truly committed to provide great service with a fair price.

My first service call for this car came 08/07/2012. I always knew that new models have bugs and other miscellaneous issues that may requires warranty calls and miscellaneous recals; however, John Barrington provided me with great service and took care of the problem.

The Service and Parts team were excellent to my wife and I. Mr. George Fata (Parts Manager) was very polite and courteous.

Overall, prior dealing with Sutherlin and this staff. All my car buying experience were negative and unpleasant. Sutherlin have prove me the following:

1- That I am a costumer and I was treated very fair on my purchase. (FYI they have to make money otherwise they will not be in business, but I can assure you will be will get a great car for a fair price)
2- The team is honestly proud and committed to great service and costumer relationship.

8/8/2012 10:17:53 AM

My friends at Sutherlin want you to come out for a test drive.  If you do, they will give you a $25 giftcard.  And if you decide to purchase a vehicle, mention you read about them on my blog and they will give you $500 off your purchase!

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*Sutherlin Nissan Orlando gave me the opportunity to review a 2013 Nissan Altima for a weekend.  All opinions are my own. 

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