Taking Control of your Credit Score

Since I started earning money, I started spending money. But not having credit cards early in life helped me not get into any financial trouble. Then I hit my 20’s and got my first credit card. When I got married, my former husband and I learned the hard way, as many young couples do, the painful reality of debt. Now I am learning about taking control over my credit score with a free online site

Credit Sesame

Taking Control of your Credit Score

I wish back then we had tools like Credit Sesame to help us keep a better eye on our credit. Now, 20 years later, I have 2 small credit cards, no car payment and I rent so my debt is low. But my credit still isn’t good. But I also didn’t know certain things that help bring that credit score up.

Did you know?

To build good credit, having a variety of loans is important. Obviously paying on time is taken into account, but having different lines of credit can help. Credit Sesame offers options that fit your needs in getting your credit score up.

When taking a look at my credit score with the free account I set up with Credit Sesame, I sat with my eyes huge and mouth hung open for a good while. I am embarrassed to say that not only have I not checked my credit, but by not doing so, how I missed out on some seriously delinquent accounts that I didn’t know I had. Two of them to be exact. Both medical from an accident that I had years ago, but somehow missed paying those bills.

Those two suckers made a difference on my score. Even with having very little debt as you can see here with my two little credit cards. It’s important to see this to fix your credit score. 

I am grateful that I have now found Credit Sesame. I am utilizing the tools that they provide to help bring me back into a good credit standing. It’s a long road, but it’s one that is necessary to get back on track.

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