Teak Wood. Where does it come from?

Teak Wood. Where does it come from? Do you know how long teak wood has been used? Most that have heard of teak wood, usually recognize the name from durable outdoor furniture. This favorite building material has a rich history that is rather impressive. In fact, it has been used for over two thousand years in boatbuilding. Check out these surprising facts about the history of teak wood.

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Teak Wood. Where does it come from?


It’s From South East Asia.

Teak wood originates in South East Asia, growing in such countries as India, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand. These countries are ideal for teak wood since they have such warm, monsoon-like tropical weather. Knowing the popularity of teak wood, countries in South East Asia create teak wood plantations so that they can cultivate this valuable resource. Myanmar accounts for nearly one-third of the world’s total teak production. There is also a rapidly growing plantation market in Central America, particularly in Costa Rica, as well as in South America.

People have been utilizing teak for thousands of years.

Originally, those native to the area where teak grew used the sturdy wood to build homes and even tools. As its popularity increased, so did the use of teak. As mentioned, teak has been used for building boats for over 2000 years. Teak wood is currently used to create buildings, ships, bridges, furniture, flooring, countertops and more. Its resilience and longevity as well as resistance to rot, fungi, and mildew, making it a wood choice that has remained popular over the ages.


20 Years and Counting.

Teak is one of the faster-growing tropical hardwoods growing a half an inch per day, yet it still takes 20 to 25 years to grow into ONE mature tropical tree to a stage to be able to harvest. However, companies like Westminster Teak that pride themselves on using only Grade A teak, those trees are 40 years old. The older the tree, the stronger the wood. The longer the furniture you buy will last.

Not only does teak wood have many uses, but it also has a fascinating history. Over the years, teak wood continues to be used as a building material since it has proven to be durable and resistant to rot and pests.


Buy Teak.

Westminster Teak specializes in high-end teak furniture and their steamer chair was rated “Best Overall” by the Wall Street Journal. Westminster offers a lifetime guarantee on all teak furniture, as well as a money-back guarantee that includes free shipping if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Westminster only uses teak from certified renewable plantations.

For more on the perfect outdoor living check out what Westminster Teak has to offer today via their website as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. I think your article is very spot on about Teak. I lived abroad in Thailand, and SE Asia for about 10+years. Most of the Teak that was in NW Thailand (Chiang mai region) was coming in from Burma (Myannmar). Most of the great wood carvers come from NW Thailand, and Burma. I was also told that the China had depleted Laos of its Teak… As a result of this deforestation there is considerable erosion, and mudslides in Laos. Thanks for a very informative article.

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