The BFG now on Bluray

A few months ago, The BFG had me in LA talking with Director Steven Spielberg and the cast of The BFG. A very memorable experience to say the least. Many have grown up with the Roald Dahl classic, and to see it made into a film has been a treat. And now, that magic of The BFG now on Bluray can be enjoyed anytime for years to come.

The BFG now on Bluray


I shared in my interview with Steven, what he wanted people to walk away from with this movie. I just want people to understand how important it is to both give and receive hugs. And it doesn’t matter how different the person looks. How tall they are or how short they are or what color they are or what language they speak or what their different beliefs are that we all need to hug each other and we have to hug each other more when we’re so different from each other. That’s what I hope people get from this.”

When watching The BFG, this message is a great take away, but what else can you expect in this bonus features?

Disney presents a Roald Dahl classic directed by Steven Spielberg. In an imaginative tale filled with magic, wonder and unexpected friendship, a young girl is launched on an enormous adventure when she crosses paths with a mysterious being called the Big Friendly Giant.

Special Features


  • Bringing “The BFG” to LifeRuby Barnhill (Sophie) hosts a phizz-whizzing journey through the making of “The BFG.” This behind-the-scenes documentary details the film’s progression through interviews with Roald Dahl’s daughter Lucy Dahl, screenwriter Melissa Mathison, executive producers Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and Kristie Macosko Krieger, and numerous members of the talented cast and crew.

  • The Big Friendly Giant and MeSophie wasn’t the first “bean” in Giant Country—many illustrations were created as if drawn by a little boy who was there long before Sophie.  This charming, in-world short will bring the drawings to life with animation and narration, recounting the friendship and the dreams shared between the boy and the Big Friendly Giant.

  • Gobblefunk:  The Wonderful Words of The BFGA whoopsey-splunkers tutorial on the meaning of the gloriumptious gobblefunk in “The BFG.”

  • Giants 101Jemaine Clement (Fleshlumpeater) and Bill Hader (Bloodbottler) introduce us to the loathsome giants in “The BFG,” along with movement choreographer/motion capture performer Terry Notary, who collaborated with the actors and Director Steven Spielberg prior to filming to develop their movements and character traits.
  • Melissa Mathison: A Tribute – An homage to Melissa Mathison, the extraordinary, Oscar®-nominated screenwriter of “The BFG” and “E.T.,” whose talent and heart were as immense as the giants in “The BFG.”


  • John Williams: Scoring A DreamA journey through the film’s concept art and memorable moments, interwoven with the sights and sounds of legendary composer John William’s scoring session.


  • Gobblefunk: The Wonderful Words of The BFG and Melissa Mathison: A Tribute


What did I think of The BFG? Check out my review and interviews with the cast from my coverage during the BFG press event.


THE BFG on Bluray

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*I was invited by Disney to attend #TheBFGEvent to share my experience with my readers. All opinions are my own.


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