The Best 5 World Travel Hubs for a Perfect Family Vacation

Exploring new places is really enticing and if the same happens to be with your family, things get sweeter. There are a lot of varied factors that people take into consideration while they plan for a family vacation. Apart from the remarkable sights the country or the particular place has to offer, people do check on the convenience factors for a family stay, the climate it offers during the vacation time, the food habits, how expensive the place or the country is and much more. It is a fact that many countries can be the best holiday destinations but which ones suit you the best is a matter of choice. So how do you find the Travel Hubs for a Perfect Family Vacation?

The Best 5 World Travel Hubs for a Perfect Family Vacation

Here are the best 5 world travel hubs for a perfect family vacation. They are great for all kinds of facilities, budgets, ages, etc. Check them out.


Travel Hubs For a Perfect Family Vacation
The Helix Bridge via flicker

Singapore is described as the world’s best tourist destinations in the world and also the finest hub for a perfect family vacation. Singapore showcases a mixture of Indian, Chinese and Malay cultures, bringing out the best from all of them. It has some fabulous attractions including the Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, beautiful parks including Merlion Park & Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyer, Helix Bridge, Flower Dome, Kusu Island, Cavenagh Bridge, etc that attract the tourists keep visiting the country over and again. With amazing places to roam around, the country is the cleanest everywhere!

The next big thing about Singapore is the varieties of eateries the country has in store. Just roam around and jump into all those shops to drool over those local cuisines and even some choicest flavors from other parts of the globe. The country is so beautiful that not make it a halting place but visit to explore the whole of Singapore to the fullest. You’ll love it!


The USA stands out second after Singapore for being the best vacation hub for a family. Considering the fact that you are on a family vacation, enjoy the country with the road trips and trust me you will fall in love with it. It is full of amazing family destinations as most of its places have something for the kids and this makes the country more kid-friendly destination. Enjoy the amazing road trips this country offers you and also the other added attractions include the many aquariums, beaches, parks, zoos etc. 

The Best 5 World Travel Hubs for a Perfect Family Vacation

Economical stays are available here and you can probably check out an online hotel reservation website where you can book the best hotels around the globe in just a few clicks. They also provide car rentals which you can rely on while roaming around the country for a fair and economical transport facility.    

New Zealand

Travel Hubs For a Perfect Family Vacation

Heading to New Zealand? Then you have made a great choice indeed! A great country to hang out with your family with amazing natural attractions that make you go head over heels. Do not miss Queenstown, one of the most attractive destinations in the country. It is famous for its four-season alpine and has a lake resort in the region that offers you the best services at amazing offers. 

Travel Hubs For a Perfect Family Vacation
Lighthouse Rock

Explore outdoor activities like skiing, jet boating, bungee jumping, skydiving, paragliding can be in your cards if you are a family looking out for an adventurous vacation in New Zealand. Gondola ride, Skyline Luge, horse treks across various parts of the towns in the country and many more are other added attractions that will make you enjoy your vacation the most. And if you are/not a ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan, you can probably rake a 4WD discovery tour to the locations where the film was shot including Skippers Canyon Road to Lighthouse Rock. 


Travel Hubs For a Perfect Family Vacation

Maybe you are looking out for an affordable country to enjoy a perfect vacation with your family? Then, Croatia is the best. (Guess what, travelers say it is cheaper than Western Europe!). You are sure to enjoy a variety of tastes when it comes to filling up your tummy. Well, some might be familiar to you while some are not but, trust me they will impress your taste buds. Croatia offers all those regular attractions that every country offers including museums, zoo, parks, etc. But the main highlight lies in some natural and scenic beauties the country showcases that include waterfalls at Krka and Plitvice Lakes, a sail on the blue waters from Split to Solta and the list goes on.

Travel Hubs For a Perfect Family Vacation

Also, a must say factor about this country is its friendly and welcoming nature for kids. They get things free here just because they are kids. WOW! Now, you got a prime reason to visit this country on your next vacation with your kids.


Travel Hubs For a Perfect Family Vacation

Now, if you are the regular backpacker, you must be pretty familiar with the saying that France is great for food-lovers, Italy goes for romance, then Norway is for the nature-lovers! Yes, you read it right. Visit Norway for the exploration of the whole of wildlife, the mountains, the green lush valleys, water parks, museum and more. Norway is a family-friendly country and you will enjoy every bit of your stay here.

The Best 5 World Travel Hubs for a Perfect Family Vacation

So, which is your hub to backpack and head out with your family? 

Travel Hubs For a Perfect Family Vacation
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