Must-Haves for Traveling with Your Teenage Children

Traveling with family can be a beautiful bonding experience. You and your kids can see the world together. There are a few things that you need to prepare when traveling with teenagers in tow. They don’t need as much attention as babies, but they aren’t adults yet. You need to balance trust with guidance when vacationing with teens. Here are some ideas of must-haves for traveling with your teenage children.

Traveling with Teenage Children
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Must-Haves for Traveling with Your Teenage Children

Make sure that you have these things packed when you go places with your teens. If they help you pack, this is a good lesson in responsibility. Show them what essentials to bring with them when they go abroad.

Protective Cases for Electronics

These days it’s almost impossible to travel without electronics. Having a phone abroad could help in tight situations. If you get separated from your teen, 911 works whether or not you have a phone plan. This is available no matter what country you are traveling. However, it’s best to find out the local emergency number for where you are.

Packing a phone, laptop, or another electronic device is fine. But, what happens if they break while you’re traveling? There goes your connection. That’s why you should invest in iPhone cases and covers for both you and your teen. This way, your teen can feel stylish while you get a good piece of mind.

Must-haves for Traveling with Your Teenage Children

International Chargers

Having electronic devices is great for emergencies unless the battery is dead. Unfortunately, we are still in the age of battery power. Which means that there could be a time when your teen’s phone is dead. If they don’t have an international charger, you’ll probably hear complaining most of the trip.

No one should focus on their phone during their entire trip, but keeping it charged is a safety precaution. Keep an extra international charger in your bag for when you are out. A charging break can turn into discovering a cute café your teen will be raving about.

Passports and Paperwork

Passports, the key to international travel. Gauge how responsible your kid is before deciding whether or not you should keep their passport or visa. If your tearaway teenager has a reputation for losing important things, hold onto it. You don’t want to be stuck in France with no way back home because of a missing passport.

If your teen has any allergies, medicines, or conditions, make sure you bring the correct paperwork. If they have to take an emergency trip to the hospital, having medical documents makes everything go smoother. If the documents aren’t already, try to have, them translated into the local language. If you’re going to multiple locations, have it translated to English.

Prescription Medicines

This might be one of the most important sections. Prescription medicine must be taken regardless of where you’re going. Older teens should understand the importance of their medications. If they are younger and a bit more stubborn, they might protest because they’re ‘on vacation.

This is a perfect time to talk to the teen. Enforce the necessity of taking medicine and get a little creative.  Also, keep the medicine in your carry on. You don’t want it to get lost during a traveling.

Traveling with Your Teenage Children

Traveling with the younger members of your family is a unique experience. You get to see the world through the fresh eyes of your teenagers, fast-changing from children to adults. You could take them to places you’ve been already, just to see their reaction. Better yet you could explore somewhere entirely new.


Whatever you decide, remember to pack the essentials. Your teen is still growing up. They have a lot to learn before they can look after themselves thoroughly.

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