Nature’s Sleep Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow #NSAmbassador


Since becoming a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador I have become a bit spoiled when it comes to sleep.  The mattress has been a huge part of me getting some much needed deep sleep at night.  So once the Nature’s Sleep Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow arrived, I knew that if it were anything like the mattress, I would love it!  I was right.

The ViscoLite Dual Pillow is the newest cutting edge in visco memory foam technology. It is a softer, more moldable pressure relieving memory foam with a ViscoLite formulation. You can have the best of both worlds, a huggable pillow made of memory foam that supports your neck and head in ultimate comfort. Available in a queen size for a perfect fit. A zippered cotton cover is washable and completes the soft feel.

Nature Sleep Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow

I have been taking my pillow with me when I travel.  It has made a big difference in the way I wake up.  My neck isn’t stiff, and it cradles my head at night the way I would envision a pillow should.

  • A unique combination of our FauxDown and Visco technology in one pillow!
  • One side is our plush FauxDown and the other our responsive ViscoLite memory foam.
  • Nature’s Sleep’s Proprietary ViscoLite Formulation softer more moldableMolds softly and comfortably to support the shoulders and spine.
  • Minimizes pressure points to reduce stress.
  • Unique Pressure Relieving and Contouring properties properly align your head and neck.
  • Relief from common insomnia, snoring, neck and back pain.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant.
  • Luxuriously smooth allergen resistant 100% cotton velour.
  • Removable and washable for easy care.
  • Designed in the USA, Made in China
  • Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam are CertiPUR-US® approved

After spending the last month sleeping on my Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow, I have no desire to ever use another pillow again.  If you are ready for a new pillow, look no further.  Here is the place to go to order yours today!  Use the code, NSA50  and get 50% off anything on the site plus free shipping!

Nature's Sleep

*I am an affiliate of Nature’s Sleep and they have provided me with a mattress and pillow to review for the purpose of sharing the experience with my readers.  All opinions are truly  my own.

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6 thoughts on “Nature’s Sleep Aerated ViscoLite Dual Pillow #NSAmbassador

  1. Sleepover at Tara’s house! 😉

    Seriously though, the pillow and mattress sound amazing!

  2. I love pillows! Like really – I have 12 on my bed and sleep with at least 6 of them every night. I think I need to add some of these to the mix.

  3. Pillows play such an important factor in getting good sleep! I am packing my own pillow to take with me to the hospital to give birth. I want my own comforts 😉 Well as much as I can get in that situation.

  4. I would love one of those pillows! They look like they give the proper amount of support and really offer a great nights sleep! Finding the perfect pillow for me is a huge battle I have been fighting for a long time. I think I need to just skip the retail stores and get something specialized like this.

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