My Nature’s Sleep Mattress has Arrived #NSAmbassador

“Nature’s Sleep provided me with the memory foam St. Thomas mattress to try out and give me honest opinion.”


Natures Sleep

Being a blogger I get packages often.  But I will have to say, this box was a little bigger than boxes I normal receive.

Nature's Sleep Mattress Arrived

When I was selected to be part of the Nature’s Sleep Ambassador program, I was thrilled.  I have a horrible back and last year underwent cervical surgery which needless to say can make having a good night’s sleep rarely possible.

When my friend Jennifer of Makobi Scribe started to talk about her mattress and how well she sleeps at night, my ears perked up.  She was basically telling me how her life has changed since using her Nature’s Sleep mattress.  I admit I was skeptical, I mean, I pretty much can not remember the last time I slept really good, and more than that I thought that overall, my 10 year old pillow-top mattress was still a great bed.

I. Was. Wrong.

When I arrived home the girls and Donnie were begging me to open the box.  But first we had some arranging to do.  Once I got my room situated, we removed the old mattress.  Unpacking the Nature’s Sleep Mattress is so fun!

 Nature's Sleep Mattress Arrived

As you can see in my video, you just remove the plastic packaging and then the bed will inflate on it’s own.  We opted to give the bed a full 24 hours to settle.  And then the moment came.  Donnie and I counted to 3 and laid on the bed at the same time.  Ahhh…yes!  OK, I have to say, it felt so heavenly to lay on the mattress.  But you as well as I know, you can’t determine how good a mattress is for your body until you get a good night’s sleep.  As the sun fell, the time for the ultimate test arrived.

Nature's Sleep Mattress Arrived

Donnie is a hard bed guy.  He is a light sleeper and rarely gets a good night’s sleep.  I am a softer bed kinda girl.  I can fall into a deep sleep, however, I tend to be restless, which is a problem when you are sleeping next to a light sleeper.  Having said that, the first thing we both noticed is that you can’t feel the other person moving.  The bed doesn’t move.  First plus.  Comfort level on this bed for both of us is a 10.  Remember, we both have different bed firmness differences, however, we both find this bed extremely comfortable.  The best way I can explain the way it feels to lay on the bed is what I would imagine laying on a cloud would be like (if it weren’t vapor).  You almost feel like you are floating.  You just don’t have any pressure points while laying on the Nature Sleep Mattress.


Finally, what can I say?  We both slept.  Through the night.  Very comfortably.  Best night of sleep, for both of us, that we can remember.  And that was just the beginning.  I now have the girls, 13 and 15, wanting to just lay on the bed.  They now each want    Nature’s Sleep mattresses.  The are begging.  It’s so incredibly comfortable.  I look forward to sharing more as I get to enjoy the new mattress.


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“Nature’s Sleep provided me with the memory foam St. Thomas mattress to try out and give me honest opinion.”



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  1. That looks nice. I’m hoping to be pregnant any time now and this would be nice to have. I remember being so uncomfortable when I tried to sleep from 4 months onward on my last pregnancy.

  2. I have some of their slippers and LOVE them. Congratulations on the new bed. I have a memory foam one from Costco that I love, although it took a few weeks to really get ‘used’ to it.

  3. I want a restful night, too… LOVE this mattress. Thanks for sharing your experience. I never know if a product really works and hate spending the money if it doesn’t. Sooo going to check the natures Sleep mattress out now.

  4. That bed looks absolutely amazing!! We got a new mattress 3 years ago, but it already has the body indentions. You can look at the bed and tell exactly where we each sleep. That’s not cool. It was amazing the first year we had it, but now it doesn’t do much for support for either of us. I’d love to try a Nature’s Sleep mattress! I hear it lasts a lot longer than traditional mattresses!

  5. I’ve heard some great things about Nature Sleep’s mattresses but haven’t had a chance to test them out. Hubs is a hard bed person himself so I am interested to hear what your Hubs thinks.

  6. Wow. I really need that. My husband has restless legs syndrome and when his legs move around at night I feel every movement. That would be heaven to have a bed that I don’t feel move.

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