10 Best Cars for Bad Moms

July 28, 2016 Trippin with Tara 0

In the spirit of the upcoming movie premiere of Bad Moms, the editors from  took a quick detour from their usual expert reviews to put together their list of best cars for “bad moms”. This post […]


Sick in Brazil

July 21, 2016 Trippin with Tara 7

As most of you know, my girls love to travel. They headed out together with friends to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands last month when they got out of school for the summer. They had […]


Women of Ghostbusters

July 13, 2016 Trippin with Tara 0

There has been a bit of crazy backlash from critics for the new Ghostbusters with the all-female cast. If you are wondering what were the makers thinking, this will give you the answers. I recently sat […]


Pixar in a Box

July 11, 2016 Trippin with Tara 0

While in LA for the Finding Dory Event we had the opportunity to check out Pixar in a Box. Sponsored by Disney, Pixar in a Box is a collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan […]

via Ruth Veltoro of Bizaardvark

Bizaardvark Cast

July 7, 2016 Trippin with Tara 0

I shared the time I spent on the fun set of Disney Channel’s all new comedy series Bizaardvark not too long ago. The show takes place at Vuuugle, a YouTube-like studio starring Madison Hu, Olivia […]


Ghostbusters Press Junket

July 6, 2016 Trippin with Tara 1

I will be boarding the plane in about an hour to head back to LA where I will be covering the Ghostbusters press junket. In 1984 when the first Ghostbusters came out I was just […]