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For Bob Marley fans heading to Nine Mile in the mountains of St. Ann, Jamaica, be ready for a treat.  Coming to the quaint village which is the birthplace and the final resting place of the reggae legend.  Thousands of Bob Marley fans visit the village yearly, in order to play their respects and experience everything the Nine Mile tour offers.  This tour is for the die-hard Bob Marley fans who want a better understanding of the man whose music and vision helped change the thoughts of millions of people around the world.  Prior to this visit, I really didn’t know much about this man, other than that I have listened to his music over and over again for years.


Bob Marley: Nine Mile Birth Place

We started the adventure directly from our cruise ship. Traveling to Nine Miles is a 1 1/2 hour drive from Ocho Rios, that takes you through the countryside. The landscape is beautiful. Few tourists get a chance to see this side of Jamaica.  The tour travels though Higgins Town and Claremont, through the famous Fern Gully,  and continues uphill through some of the most beautiful scenery. The ride travels through the country side and the hillside, ending in Nine Mile, where the best part of the tour begins.


Since Nine Mile is where Bob Marley was born and lived, the tour starts in the neighborhood and that influenced Bob Marley to write his famous songs, like  “One love”, “Redemption Songs”. The tour starts with a walk through of the house that Bob Marley lived in as a small boy. The guides share tales of his musical career starting as a child. Many insights that are not known by most people.

You get to visit the “Mount Zion Rock,” where Bob Marley used to meditate. You will also get to walk through the mausoleum, the final resting place of the Reggae King. Returning back to the starting point is just as much of an experience as the beginning. You will travel through rural Jamaica, making your way through scenic Muir House and Brown’s Town, where you’ll see the Brown’s Town market. There is no better way to end your tour as you return to your North Coast destination.Enjoy some shopping and visit a Local Jerk Chicken center and experience an authentic lunch of jerk chicken, pork and rice and peas.


For any Bob Marley fan, this is a one of a kind experience. Between the travel to a beautiful area and the immersion into the life a man who touched so many, this is a one of a kind trip to schedule during your vacation.  If you are a Bob Marley fan,  this is a do-not miss experience.



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