Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure Park
Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure Park



With the Grand Reopening of Disney California Adventure Park, much of the attention is going to Cars Land and here are 10 reasons why!


You feel like you are in the movie – Radiator Springs Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park.


1. You feel like you are in the movie! Really! The moment you hit that Cars Land sign, you feel as if you’ve been invited on set of the movie. Taking up 12 acres, the sites and sounds are fun and exciting as you experience Radiator Springs come to life.


Lightening McQueen and Mater in Radiator Springs Racers

2. Radiator Springs Racers! Taking up 6 of the 12 acres of Cars Land, this ride is full of visual pleasure as you experience a leisurely, scenic tour of Ornament Valley when it turns out to be an all-out race for the Piston Cup. This is a ride that will be a familiar look and feel to any fan of the movie.

Radiator Springs Racers – Start your engines! The ride of your life is about to begin! Rocket through the desert landscape of Ornament Valley in a thrilling auto racing competition that includes some of your favorite locations and characters from the Disney·Pixar movie Cars.


Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree at Cars Land

3. Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree! Now here you have some tow-tappin’ square dance hosted by Mater himself! Board a trailer pulled by an adorable baby tractor and swing in time to lively music sung by, you guessed it, Mater! I promise you will laugh as the ride swings you round and round.

Luigi’s Flying Tires behind Lightening McQueen and Mater. Image Courtesy of Disney.

4. Luigi’s Flying Tires is like bumper cars, but much cooler! Luigi counts down – “Uno for the money, due for the show, tre to get ready and quarto to go!” and the Festival of the Flying Tires begin with the drop of the flag. Floating a few inches off the ground and using your body to move the tire in the direction you want to travel – and to add to the fun, you can toss the giant beach ball from person to person!

Homage to Route 66 is evident throughout Cars Land

5. Homage to Route 66 is strong throughout Cars Land! Disney’s Imagineers behind the scenes spent a good amount of time on Route 66 for they wanted to get the look and feel of it right! After inviting some of the people they met along the way of their travels across Route 66 to the Grande Opening of Cars Land, they loved what was done, and said they got it so right!


Flo’s V8 Cafe – image courtesy of Disney


6. Flo’s V8 Cafe is great stop for lunch. The creators of Cars Land took what types of places they stopped to eat during their travels down Route 66 and this diner gives you a typical menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, Flo’s V8 Cafe’s location offers a breathtaking view of the Cadillac Mountain Range.


The scenery of Ornament Valley! Photo courtesy of Disney.

7. The scenery of Ornament Valley. We were told that it took a United Nations of people to hand-carve this 300,000 square feet of plaster. It’s so real and truly an experience to see both day and night!

Cozy Cone “Motel”


8. The Cozy Cone Motel is a fun place that offers quick service cone-themed snacks from five different cones, including ice cream cones, chile “cone” queso, pop “cone” and other “cone”-coctions.


It’s fun to see the characters on the streets of Cars Land – here is Lightening McQueen
Mater is hanging around too…and he talks! Cars Land is fun for everyone!












9. Lightening McQueen and Mater! YES! They are there, on the street, making appearances throughout the day! And…they TALK! How cool is that?


Disney got it right! Radiator Springs at Disney California Adventure Park.


10. Disney got it right! From the daytime sky in contrast to the perfectly shaded red rock to the neon lights brought on in the night, the look and feel of Cars Land is exactly what you would expect if you were in the movie!


I was invited by Disney to visit Disney California Park and see Cars Land, but all the opinions are my own.

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