Who plays Skurge?

November 2, 2017 Trippin with Tara 0

There are only a few people that have taken the time to shake everyone’s hand before or after an interview. Angelina Jolie did it, Don Hahn, and a few others. When Karl Urban walked into […]


Born in China Bonus Features

August 30, 2017 Trippin with Tara 0

I have seen Born in China quite a few times now while covering Disney press junkets. It’s a beautiful film that gives you the gift of visiting places that very few get to experience. Getting […]


Downward Dog on ABC

May 17, 2017 Trippin with Tara 0

Do you talk to your pets? I do. Currently, have two cats, and since I work from home, I find myself having full conversations with them throughout the day. I think this is why I […]