Cheddars Gives Eating Out a Fresh Start

Cheddars Gives Eating Out a Fresh Start
I was given a gift card to give Cheddars a try along with compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. 

The new year is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts in all aspects of our life. I know I am making some big one in my lifestyle, the food I eat, even in my relationships and commitments. As I take this time to focus on those important things in my life, I am really making an effort to chose places to eat that offer fresh, nutritious ingredients. That is where Cheddars comes in by giving eating out a fresh start. 

The Cheddars Story

Our founders, Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers, believed that when a meal is prepared and cooked fresh just for you, it not only tastes better, it makes you feel good. Of course, this takes time. That’s why we start our slow-cooked meats early in the morning. And we’re constantly chopping, whisking, sautéing and stirring, so we’re ready whenever you’re ready to eat. {This explains why we have twice as many cooks as other restaurants.}

Cheddars Gives Eating Out a Fresh Start

On a recent trip to the Cheddars closest to me, I brought along my partner Tiffany from my food blog Two Mother Forkers to give it a try. Since we both love food and can relate to scratch kitchen type of food, we knew we’d be right up our alley.

With our fresh eats in mind we opted for an array of things to try. We began with two cocktails from the bar.

Ohhhh, giving @cheddarskitchen a try today. Cheers! #FreshStart AD

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Here you have a Spiked Cherry Limeade and the Maui Margarita. Both were delicious and we enjoyed the drinks as we looked over the menu.


Healthy drink option: Skinny Margarita – Sauza Gold tequila, Cheddar’s Skinny Agave Sour


We decided on two appetizers. The Wisconsin Cheese Bites and the Santa Fe Spinach Dip.



The hand-battered, lightly fried chunks of cheese are served with a side of homemade marinara sauce. They were really good, maybe not on the healthy side, but for sure fresh and tasty.


The spinach dip is simmered with sour cream, spices, four cheeses and topped with mozzarella. It was good, but the salsa – it was REALLY good. You could taste how fresh and it was full of great flavor. Fresh cilantro, the tomatoes perfectly ripe. We loved the salsa.


For the entrees we opted on one from the lighter side menu, Sweet Heat Chicken & Shrimp and the Blackened Red Fish with Crab Sauce.

Sweet Heat Chicken & Shrimp


Sweet Heat Shrimp and Chicken from @cheddarskitchen #FreshStart

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With just 562 calories, this was a great meal. Chicken breast with grilled shrimp, glazed with mango chili sauce over ginger rice. Served with a garden salad tossed with tomato herb vinaigrette. I didn’t try the salad for it had the dressing underneath, and it was weirdly plated. But the mango chili sauce was good.

Blackened Red Fish with Crab Sauce

Blackened Redfish w/ Crab Sauce with mac n cheese and broccoli at @cheddarskitchen #FreshStart

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Blackened and topped with savory crab sauce over rice. Served with two sides, we picked the broccoli and mac n’ cheese. The crab sauce is very rich but paired well with the redfish.

Lighter Side Menu Options

  • Grilled Chicken Pecan Salad – Grilled chicken breast, fresh greens, tomatoes, carrots, cheddar and jack cheese, honey roasted pecans
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken – Grilled with lemon pepper seasonings, over rice, two sides
  • Grilled Baja Chicken – Seasoned chicken breast served on homemade black beans and savory rice. Topped with fresh pico de gallo

Now that you’ve got the rundown of the Lighter Side entrees, all that’s left to do is stop by Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and try one for yourself.

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I was given a gift card to give Cheddars a try along with compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. 
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