Delivery Man Delivers #DeliveryManEvent

Vince Vaughn is one of those actors that if I see he is in a movie, any movie, I am going.  I love his humor.  Though he seems to play the same type of character in most of his movies, I know what to expect and I go ready to laugh.

Delivery Man Delivers

Vince Vaughn doesn’t play “Vince Vaughn” in Delivery Man.  Yes, it’s funny.  But it’s more heartwarming and deep than any recent movies he’s played.  His character, David Wozniak, is a meat delivery man for his family’s company.  With very little purpose in life, he seems to be needing more direction, or as it’s said in the film, he needs to get a life.


Also starring  Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders , they were perfectly cast for their roles.  Chris plays David’s best friend, Brett,  who’s a lawyer.  He is funny, very funny, and truly plays the part.  Cobie, gorgeous and can hold her own as Emma, is David’s girlfriend.

When David finds out he is the biological father of 533 children and 142 of them are suing to learn his identity, he decides to make a change.  He wants to do the right thing and for once, be held accountable for his actions and wants to be their guardian angel.

In a recent interview, Vince talked about making a movie with heart.  Being a father of two now, shifting to a family film was a natural step to take in this part of his life.  He does this well.  And I really hope to see more of this side of Vince, yet, keep the funny coming!


A movie with a heart, one that you can take the family to see, and you will laugh, but you may have a few heartstrings pulled as well.  Vince Vaughn has renewed my fanship, if you will.  I not only love him for his humor, but after this film, I found a newfound love of his heart.

Now tell me – what would you do if you, or your significant other found out they were the biological father of 533 kids?

Delivery Man is now in theaters!  Go see it!!!! (#DeliveryManMovie)

*Thank you to Disney for inviting me to be part of the Delivery Man Event.  Having taken care of all my expenses to bring me out for this event, please know that all my opinions, excitement and fun I share are completely true.

One of my favorite scenes….

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  1. I’m kind of surprised to hear you say it’s one you can take the family too, I just wasn’t sure. Looked like a fun movie for me and hubby to go to, though.

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