Delivery Man Twitter Chat! WIN Fandango Gift Cards, Movie Prizes! #DeliveryManEvent

#DeliveryManEvent Twitter Party


Delivery Man Twitter Chat!  WIN Fandango Gift Cards, Movie Prizes!

I recently attended the premiere of Delivery Man in LA.  I had the best time, not just because I got to hob knob with the stars, but because I truly love this movie.  With it coming out this Friday, I along with a bunch of other bloggers, will be hosting a twitter chat where you can win some awesome prizes! Topic: #DeliveryManEvent Twitter Chat!  Test out your Delivery Man Trivia with a bunch of fun Mommy Bloggers who went to the Red Carpet Premiere!

What can you win??

We have several Fandango Gift Cards, Movie Posters, Task Rabbit Gift Cards, and T-Shirts.

So what is a Twitter Party?  How do you participate?  Check out my friends Lori’s post to help answer those question!

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