Destiny Antommarchi makes the Perfect Dinner @Chef_Desto

Destiny Antommarchi

Have you ever hired a private chef to prepare a dinner party or another special event?  Did you know that they are responsible for shopping, preparing the meal, serving the guests and cleaning up afterward?  The menu is preplanned and discussed then prepared in your home, or in the case for myself and my group of friends, a vacation home.  Meet Chef Destiny Antommarchi.  She recently was hired by the company I work for to cook for us at our managers retreat.  The experience was so incredible that I had to share it with my readers.

“I am currently a junior at Johnson & Wales in Miami, food is my passion. I have gravitated to the kitchen ever since I could walk. I recently came back from Germany where I did my internship and will be traveling to Singapore and Thailand in the summer to further my knowledge on Asian cuisine. I love serving others and anytime I get to share my creations with the people that I love and they can enjoy what I create, my mission is accomplished!” ~ Destiny


Destiny started the evening with some amazing appetizers.  Above is a photo of her fig, goat cheese and caramelized onion flatbread.  It was even better than you are imagining right now.  The combination of the flavors totally burst in my mouth.  Not pictured, she made melon and prosciutto bites, a cheese board with jams and mustard, and homemade pickled veggies with cured olives and capers.


These deviled eggs were amazing.  Truffle smoked with mustard caviar. I had one…and then 2 more!  Incredible.

Destiny Antommarchi makes the Perfect Dinner


The table was set for ten, the wine was paired for each course.


First Course:

Baby kale salad made with white wine and honey soaked golden raisins, julienne green apple, shaved white cheddar, pickled red onion, corn bread croutons, and an apple cider vinaigrette.

Destiny Antommarchi


Second Course:

Seasonal white fish (halibut), corn and chorizo succotash, parsnip purée, chorizo foam, crispy potatoes and micro greens.  We all kinda made a face when we heard succotash.  We all licked the plate when we were finished.  This wasn’t your high school cafeteria succotash.  And the parsnip purée with the chorizo foam was to die for.


Third Course:

Sherry braised short ribs, feta herb gremolata, carrot linguini, smoked potato purée.  Just when I thought that the succotash was pretty much the best tasting plate of the evening, Destiny out did herself.  The main course ribs melted in our mouths.  The carrot linguini was brilliant and the moked potato purée, just the perfect plate.


Finally, the dessert.  She made fresh Belguim waffles, salted carmel sauce, vanilla ice cream, peanut brittle, and chocolate crumbles.  My mouth is watering as I write this and the photo makes me wish I had it in front of me right now.

Desitny is one of those chefs that you will be hearing about.  Young, beautiful and very passionate about what she loves to do.  Keep track of her by following her on both Twitter and Instagram.

Feel free to contact Destiny via email –

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  1. I wouldn’t mind eating like this every single night! Just imagine how happy your tummy would be!! Oh, well, just me day dreaming. 🙂 The food looks amazing!!

  2. Our Dinner with Destiny was beyond fantastic. EVERYONE Raved about it the next day and durring… Des, I know how good you are and have always been but every-time you cook for me, you amaze me! LOVED ALL OF IT. Cannot wait to use your services again…

  3. WOW!!! Every dish looks amazingly delicious. Becoming a Personal Chef is so rewarding, I am so proud of you!! I would love to taste some of your wonderful dishes, I’ll have to plan an event 🙂

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