Different Grades of Teak Wood

Did you know that all teak wood is not the same? Different grades of teak wood are used for furniture categorizing the wood from excellent to low-grade. When looking for teak wood furniture, you’re going to want to spend the money to go with the higher-grade teak wood. Once you understand the different grades of teak wood, you’ll know why it’s worth the extra expense.



Different Grades of Teak Wood


Grade A Teak Wood

If you want the best of the best when it comes to teak wood, you need to find Grade A teak wood. Grade A refers to a mature heartwood taken out of the center of the tree. The heartwood is so desirable because the tree has to be 40 years old. This makes it harder and less susceptible to pests and moisture. Furniture made out of Grade A teak wood is sure to last, even if its left outdoors all year round.

Westminster Teak is a company that prides themselves on using only Grade A teak. The older the tree, the stronger the wood. The longer the furniture you buy will last. Many resorts use Westminster Teak for this reason.


Grade B Teak Wood

Just like Grade A teak wood Grade B also comes out of heartwood. The difference being instead of the mature 40-year-old center of the tree, Grade B comes from immature heartwood that is 20-15 years old. This is the layer between the mature center and the sapwood on the outside. Grade B teak wood isn’t equivalent to the grade A quality. B grade teak is more susceptible to weather conditions. Therefore it is recommended to treat the wood for protection making it a little more work to keep it looking it’s best.


Grade C Teak Wood

The very outside of the tree is called sapwood. Sapwood is generally not the best when it comes to making furniture. This wood has more moisture, making it more susceptible to shrinking and to pests. Furniture made with Grade C teak wood is not nearly as durable as either Grade A or Grade B teak wood furniture, so it typically doesn’t last as long either.

Now that you know and understand the different grades of teak wood, you can make an informed decision when purchasing teak wood furniture. Your best bet is to go with the more expensive, but higher quality grade so that you have furniture that will last a lifetime.

Aman Dais Westminster Teak

Buy Teak.

Westminster Teak specializes in high-end teak furniture and their steamer chair was rated “Best Overall” by the Wall Street Journal. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on all teak furniture, as well as a money-back guarantee that includes free shipping if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Westminster only uses teak from certified renewable plantations.

For more on the perfect outdoor living check out what Westminster Teak has to offer today via their website as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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