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I know, I may have said before that I don’t get the addiction.  I had so many people say, you get one and you’re hooked.  It hurt so bad the first time I did it  while on a trip to San Francisco last year.  I never would have imagined myself getting another.  And, well, here I am six months later and I have a new tattoo.  This time was a little different for a few reasons.  Last time, I really didn’t know what I wanted, but knew that I liked the way text looks and wanted a saying.  Then it hit me, that lyric from Aerosmith’s Amazing.  So that is how my Life’s a Journey tattoo happened.


So one of my most fun friends and I were talking about wanting another tattoo.  I was with her when she got her first.  She shared with me the Faith, Hope and Love tattoo she wanted to get.  I loved it.


So we talked about getting the same, but then I thought of my daughter Gabi, and how I’d love to have something she drew up tattooed on me, for she is an amazing artist.  So I asked her to and she came up with a few great ones.  But as soon as I saw it, my heart was set on this one.


So we decided basically the day before that we would just get it done.  We made plans to go a place at a local theme park, but then decided to go to a place closer to where we lived.

That tattoo parlor turned out to be a place, after looking around, that we didn’t want to use.  So we happened to see one more place with a lit up “open” sign in the window.  And then we went in and met Steven Priest.


After this introduction, he became my new best friend – I mean he was about to hurt me.  Steven works at Ink Ink Tattoos in Clermont, Florida.  A small, yet busy little corner ink show.  One that I felt comfortable the moment I walked in, and I left happy.

Steven Priest

He was quick, but not messy quick.  He was super nice, honest (I wanted it smaller and he said the ink would bleed and helped resize to one I could love), and he did a great job.  My friend and I both left red and swollen, but happy.

Faith, Hope, Love Tattoo

And now, two weeks later, it’s still healing, but it looks great!  So, now, what next?  😉

Faith Hope Love Tattoo

Faith – Hope – Love Tattoo

*I received no compensation for this post.  I just had a great experience wanted to share it with you.

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  1. Beautiful tattoo! I’m pretty much covered neck to toes with ink, as is my boyfriend lol. Once you get one, it’s addicting! Glad you had a great experience, I’m SUPER picky about my tattoo studio and even though I have a ton of ink, have only been tattooed by three guys.

  2. Wow, that is a cool tattoo. I love them both! I only have one tattoo and after it, I never ever wanted another. Mine is between my boobs… and boy did that fricken hurt.. lol. No regrets though!

  3. Love the tattoo and the story behind. Makes it mean so much more, especially because your daughter drew it. Which, by the way, she is fantastic!

  4. I love your heart & anchor! I actually really like the first one too – Life’s a Journey, Not a Destination is one of my favorite mottos 🙂

  5. I think tattoos are something so personal and mean something different to each of us. I have a phoenix on my back, my whole back and it means a lot to me. 🙂 Also, a koi fish that my Hubs drew. I love your tattoos and I think it means so much that your DD drew it.

  6. I like the tattoo on your foot. I have been wanting one on my foot for years but I heard that it hurts there. I know I should be brave since I have other tattoos but I haven’t got that brave yet.

  7. I want six small hearts. On my right wrist with the letters Sisters and a small red heart on the other wrist with the letters MOM. How much would that cost me. Asking so I can get the money together.

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