So I Got a Tattoo in San Francisco – Mom’s Body Shop

Mom's Body Shop San Francisco

So I Got a Tattoo in San Francisco – Mom’s Body Shop

Call it a midlife crisis.  Call it crazy.  Call it whatever you want.  But for years I have wanted one, and I can’t think of a better place to do it as a 40th birthday gift to myself.  So I got a tattoo in San Francisco, at Mom’s Body Shop, in the super bohemian area of San Fran, the Ashbury and Haight district.

This wasn’t planned.  I mean I talked about it for a while, but walking into Mom’s I hadn’t a clue of what I was getting.  I knew I wanted script.  I knew I wanted it on my foot.  And…well, that is all I knew.  But some how, after being introduced to the cute tattoo artist Olivia, I became brave and made a decision.  I wanted to relate to me, my life and well, a line from a song I like to sing when I had a bit too much to drink.  Amazing – by AreoSmith.

Mom's Body Shop

After Olivia took about 5 minutes to write up my soon to be permanent script on my foot, I wish I had a strong drink at that moment.  She came back with what within 30 more minutes would be my forever reminder of my trip to San Francisco with my best friend.

Mom's Body Shop Trippin' with Tara

And let me tell you something – that sucker HURT!  I don’t know what I was thinking as far as pain, but that wasn’t at all what I imagined.  However, Lamaze breathing came back to me, and it helped, I think.  But in what felt like hours, but was really just about 15 minutes, I had my first tattoo.  I can’t say I am addicted and ready for my next, but I can say I am happy I did it!

So thank you AreoSmith for giving me the words – “Life’s a Journey”.  And thank you Olivia of Mom’s Body Shop for giving me my first tat.

Mom's Body Shop

Do you have a tattoo?  Do you want one?  Tell me…I am curious!


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    • It hurt, and it did for a bit. But I would love to do something like that where it had a special meaning with someone. My BFF that traveled with me and I talked about that. Maybe the next one, if there is every a next one. 😉

  1. How cool!!! OOoh, I have heard that the top of the foot is ROUGH!! I have 3 and pretty much hate them all. I was too young and put zero thought into them. Good for you. Tattoos are fun when you do it right!!

  2. I have many tattoos and can’t imagine the pain of putting it on your foot. HA! I had enough issues when they did it over my shoulder blade! HA

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