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Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE..L to R: The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) and Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)..Photo Credit: Film Frame ..©2016 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

Now that Doctor Strange is out, I can finally share a few quotes that are total spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, you may want to wait on going any further. While doing interviews Rachel McAdamsTilda Swinton, and Director Scott Derrickson all shared their favorite Doctor Strange scene.

Photo Credit: Film Frame ©2016 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.
Doctor Strange Scene Photo Credit: Film Frame ©2016 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

What is the common favorite Doctor Strange Scene

A common question during the Doctor Strange event interviews was everyone’s favorite Doctor Strange Scene?

Rachel McAdams – 

Photo credit: Dusty Pendleton of asmomseesit.com
Photo credit: Dusty Pendleton of asmomseesit.com

I love that moment when Tilda says; it’s not about you. I just thought that was so powerful. And when I read that in the script that hit me. And I thought, how great that a seemingly fun comic book movie takes a turn like that talking about something that deep and profound. It struck me again in the film. I just I thought it was simple and true, and a really beautiful message.

Tilda mentioned that as well.

Oh, she did? That gives me chills

Tilda Swinton – 

Photo credit: Dusty Pendleton of asmomseesit.com
Photo credit: Dusty Pendleton of asmomseesit.com

At the end of Doctor Strange, your character says some deep, profound things. Such important messages. 

There were a couple of moments I must say when I found it such a privilege to say. There’s a moment earlier than that when I’m teaching Doctor Strange and looking straight into the camera – basically teaching the globe’s population of fifteen-year-olds about mindfulness. That was like, WOW! This is such a great chance to say, ‘Yes I’m a rad superhero myself, but I’m telling you, be authentic, you can control your mind; you have a choice of your reaction to obstacles in your life and serve something greater than yourself!’ 

And that amazing moment in the end, of saying to Doctor Strange, ‘Fear and ego have kept you from learning the greatest, simplest and most significant lesson of them all – it’s not about you. That’s pretty amazing and I mean, that’s the kind of thing that one can imagine saying in – or learning from in a different kind of movie, but to put that in a Marvel film and know that it’s going to be picked up by all of our kids was a nice thing. 

Director Scott Derrickson – 

Photo credit: Dusty Pendleton of asmomseesit.com
Photo credit: Dusty Pendleton of asmomseesit.com

My favorite scene in the movie is the death of the Ancient One. I love that scene. Audiences pay to see spectacles in these kinds of movies. They pay to see these big visual effects, overwhelming scenes, and action, fighting, and all of that. But whether or not they like a movie is whether or not it moves them. And whether they like the character, and whether it moves them emotionally. And that scene feels like the heart of the movie to me.

So what message are you hoping families take away?

That it’s not about you, you know? Strange is a character — there’s a lot of stuff. I mean, if you could reduce what a movie is about, to just simple phrases, you wouldn’t need to make a movie. Hopefully, movies, like any quality entertainment, or great art, is about more than what you can reduce to statements. But, I think that the idea of this character who has the wrong values who has everything thinks he has everything, but his life is shallow.

He’s a materialist, he’s self-centered, he’s bad at relationships. He’s ego-driven. And then, he loses everything. And through this trauma, through this gauntlet of pain and suffering, he transforms into something better. I love that the movie’s about that. I love that the movie’s about how pain can dislodge you from what’s bad about your life, and push you into something better. Because he becomes a much better person as a result of the worst thing that could happen to him, happening.

And as a result, he goes from this selfish, skeptical, materialistic guy, to this unselfish, altruistic, mystic, of the master of the mystic arts, who wants to now save people for better reasons than he did in the past.

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* I was invited to take part in the #DoctorStrangeEvent to share my experience with my readers. All opinions are my own.
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