Heading to Australia Day 3

As part of a special summer program, my daughter Gabi took part in an incredible trip to Australia. She decided to share her journey on Trippin’ with Tara. Enjoy her daily journal with photos and videos.

Gabi and Claire

Heading to Australia Day 3

There is absolutely nothing to do in Dallas. I really don’t know why anyone would want to live here. It is hot, dry, and boring.

Since we had no clean clothes we all decided to stay in the hotel. We gave our leaders Naomi and Gelinda all of our clothes to wash. Which means we FINALLY have some kind of clean clothing. While we waited for our clothes, we decided to have a fort war. It was Claire and my fort versus Ashton and Andrews.


Obviously we won with our floor-to-ceiling fort that just covered about the whole room. That was until Naomi and Gelinda came in and brought the whole thing tumbling down.


Video courtesy of Naomi! Sorry for the poor download quality, but she and Glenda made a stressful situation fun for us!

After all the fun, we headed back into the airport. Instead of trying to board a flight straight to Sydney, we went back to the original plan and decided to go to L.A. And then Sydney. After the scarring experience of Dallas, we actually boarded a flight! We not only made it out of Dallas, but also out of the States. We have boarded our 14 hour flight to Sydney.

See ya Dallas!
See ya Dallas!

At this point, we have also missed the tour of the Sydney Opera House and Bondi Beach. I’m not too happy about missing these things, neither are the parents, but it will be ok. It looks like we have lost two days we won’t be getting back, but all that matters is that we are out of Dallas!

Out the window while over the Grand Canyon.
Out the window on the way to LA.

In route to Sydney!

In my next post I get to share what it’s like to repel in the Blue Mountains in Australia!

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  1. Gabi, your trip sounds like it will be so much fun! Safe travels.
    Mrs. Johnson
    (Teacher in middle school at MVA!)

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