The Daddy Caddy Review

Sometimes the best product ideas tend to be the simplest ones. The product needs to have a purpose and it should accomplish it really well. For example, you might be amused that my mp3 player of choice is an iPod Classic. Sure, an iPhone 6 Plus is a wonderful piece of technology, but it doesn’t beat the Classic as a music player. I also recently traded in my chunky bi-fold wallet that was crammed full of cash, cards, pictures, and who knows what else for a single track wallet that only holds about six cards. It’s simple – it lets me carry exactly what I need. It does its job.

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The Daddy Caddy Review

On that note, enter the Daddy Caddy, by Go Mama Go Designs. According to the product packaging, the Daddy Caddy is a “hands free diaper caddy for the hands-on dad.” This is made possible by the various ways you can affix the Daddy Caddy to yourself or whatever you have available: it comes with a handle/loop with a snap enclosure on the back that a belt or strap can be run through, as well as a carabiner to snap the Caddy quickly onto a belt loop, a larger bag, or even a bike handlebar. Basically, the Daddy Caddy can go anywhere.

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The Daddy Caddy has an interior pocket large enough to hold several diapers and even an included wipes container. The interior, which is sealed by a hook and loop flap features a waterproof lining for “unforeseen emergencies,” according to Go Mama Go Designs, which, translated, means it doubles as a wetbag in case you find yourself stuck with soiled clothing, which is a pretty cool feature in my opinion. The exterior of the bag also has a small, zippered pocket perfect for carrying your phone, keys, or wallet.

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As the daddy of four kids and the changer of approximately 10.7 million diapers, I’m largely impressed with the Daddy Caddy. I like the small size. I especially like that it doesn’t try to do too much. It does exactly what it needs to do. If I need to change a diaper, I reach for this instead of my wife’s diaper bag now. But since she’s always extremely prepared, if I happen to need a toy, a snack, last week’s People Magazine, or a floor lamp, I’ll still reach for her diaper bag.

Go Momma GO-321[2]

The only suggestion I would make to Go Mama Go Designs regarding the Daddy Caddy, and I do offer the advice as a very seasoned diaper changing vet, is to consider the inclusion of a small changing pad with the Caddy. As many readers know, we often find ourselves changing diapers in places where we don’t want our babies making direct contact with the surface. I figure even a small plastic pad made of raincoat material could fold up small enough that the Daddy Caddy would not have to be redesigned. It’s just this daddy’s suggestion!

For more information on the Daddy Caddy and other innovative designs for the parents of young kids, check out Go Mama Go Designs website, like them on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter.

*Thank you to Go Mama Go Designs for giving Greg the opportunity to give the Daddy Caddy a try in exchange for this review. All opinions remain those of Trippin’ with Tara site contributors.

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