I woke up today and went downstairs like I do every morning.  I opened the back door to let our dog out and looked to the right…and there I saw a pile of flowers and broken crystal all over our laundry room floor.  Instantly, the tears came.  My daughter came over and hugged me as I sobbed.

broken vase with flowers

I came home from my trip to Ireland and my sweet family gave me a special welcome home with a sign and a beautiful bouquet of flowers perfectly arranged in one of the most precious gifts I have ever received, a vase that my grandmother gave me.

Welcome home

The reason this was so special was because when she gave me the gift she said that she wanted to give me something special.  Something that I would have long after she was gone to remember her by.  Not that a vase would be needed to remember such a strong and inspirational lady, but the gesture meant the world to me, and it has always been a precious gift.

Tara and GiGi

Well, having a curious, rambunctious and mischievous cat, we actually put the flowers up at night for Nacho Cat loves flowers and we wanted to be safe and keep the flowers away from him.  Welp, I started my day in tears and heartbroken.  UGH!  So, so sad.  🙁

Nacho Cat!

Sorry mama?  I forgive you!  Stinker!

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  1. AAww….
    I’m sorry your day started so poopy… Bad kitty.
    You know, things can be replaced (kinda) the memories and love she gave, won’t ever be gone. When I was a little girl, I always told my grandmother she had to leave me this 1 ring in her will when she died… it became a joke as I got older and we always had the convo… Well, when she died she did in fact give me the ring. It was the most awesome gift, not because it was worth a small fortune but because of the laughing good memories that it held. We came home a few years back to find our home broken into. The 1st thing I ran to find was that ring… gone.. I has so heartbroken. They grabbed an expensive ring but they stole my heart. I really understand how you feel.

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