THOR: THE DARK WORLD, DELIVERY MAN and ME (and Vince Vaughn) #ThorDarkWorldEvent and #DeliveryManEvent

#ThorDarkWorldEvent and #DeliveryManEvent

It’s hard not to be over the top excited when an email arrives from Disney with an invite to one of their events.  After attending 3 of these events now, including Chimpanzee, Brave and Oz The Great and Powerful, I know that I will be treated to some incredible experiences with memories to last a lifetime with some of the  most influential bloggers in the US.

Hello Tara!
We would like to invite you to a very special Disney, Marvel & DreamWorks hosted event in November – exclusively for our top Bloggers! This trip will include THOR: THE DARK WORLD and DELIVERY MAN as well as a look at the In-Home releases of PLANES and IRON MAN & HULK: HEROES UNITED.

 #ThorDarkWorldEvent and #DeliveryManEvent

I have to admit that this event kinda has me a bit more excited than any of the past events for my celebrity crush will be sitting right in front of me (alright and 24 other bloggers) for an interview session.  But wait, I am totally getting ahead of myself.  So let me just go over the planned itinerary that has been sent to me.


I will be in Los Angeles from Saturday, November 2nd – Tuesday, November 5th to attend the red carpet premiere of THOR: THE DARK WORLD (opening in theatres on 11/8), interview “Loki” himself…Tom Hiddleston AND visit the THOR: TREASURES OF ASGARD exhibit at Disneyland!


As if that isn’t enough, while in town I will also interview Vince Vaughn (*sigh*) and Chris Pratt from DELIVERY MAN, (opening in theatres on 11/22), attend a press day at Disney Toon Studios for the In-Home release of PLANES (available 11/19) and get a sneak peak of Marvel’s new In-Home release IRON MAN & HULK: HEROES UNITED (available 12/3)!

Marvel's Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

Whew, right? Squee….so amazing!


While in LA, Disney will be putting us up at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, which I have stayed before.  I love this hotel and the location is right in the heart of Hollywood!


Ok, so back to that celebrity crush I have…cough cough.  😉  Yes, I simply love, love, love Vince Vaughn.  I have been a huge fan of his for so long.  He’s just one of those guys that I could have a beer with, and I envision him to be fun, funny and all those endearing qualities that make him a great comedian and well, my celebrity crush! And…OMG, I will get to be in the same room with him!  Maybe he’ll take me to the premiere……


LOL!  😉

I am super fortunate to be able to take part in such an incredible event, but even more than that, I am super excited to take you all along with me.  So help me out.  Follow along via all my social media platforms and keep in the loop with these hash tags – #ThorDarkWorldEvent and #DeliveryManEvent.  I will be asking you to help me with interview questions, have you follow along on the red carpet, and I’ll be keeping you posted during all the previous mentioned fun.

*I have been invited by Disney out to an all expense paid trip to LA to experience Thor: The Dark World Premiere.  I received information for this post as a blogger via Walt Disney Publications. All the excitement, opinions and love for Vince Vaughn are fully authentic!


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  1. We can’t wait to see the new Thor movie! And umm, Iron Man and Hulk?! My son is going to LOVE that! That is definitely going under the Christmas tree for him. Enjoy your trip!

  2. aw man! i would have seen you again!! i’ll be in seattle 🙂

    i can’t WAIT to hear about Thor and Delivery Man. So excited to see what you all think!!!

  3. Ooh!! Super jealous!!! We are HUGE fans of the first Thor and are super excited about this release!! I’ll be watching for sures! 🙂

    PS Loved meeting you at TBEX and my kiddos are enjoying the figurines! 🙂


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