High Demand ESL Countries

Teaching English as a Second Language, also known as ESL, has quickly become one of the most popular ways for backpackers and new teachers looking for an adventure to get out and see the world. What’s so great about ESL is that it allows you to get comfortable with another country as if it were your own home due to how long you will be living there. We’ve compiled a list of High Demand ESL Countries needing teachers. If you are looking for something new and exciting to do, this may be for you.

High Demand ESL Countries 

With this recent boom in ESL teachers, there’s been an increase in the countries who participate in it too. Here are ten countries where you can become an ESL teacher.



This South American country has seen a steady rise in English teachers over recent years. When people visualize teaching English abroad, they view countries like Taiwan and China to be the places to go, and while those are popular destinations, Brazil is surely one these days too.


This Eastern European country has also seen a spike in ESL teachers. What’s great about Poland is that it has some of the beauty of Europe, without the high costs associated with countries such as France. In Poland, you’ll find beautiful cities and beer so cheap that it only costs you a dollar for a pint.


For an English-speaking country, it’s hard to imagine that they need ESL teachers, but do they really? Yes, they do! Ireland has many foreigners living within their country from places such as Latin America and Eastern Europe. This means that there are plenty of people in need of instruction in cities such as Dublin.



Teaching English in China is an amazing experience, and people heading over there tend to stay for at least one or two years. It’s a great country to learn the Chinese culture, create some wonderful memories and stories to share with friends and family back home while teaching English. The living expenses are generally low as well if you live in one of the more rural areas of the countries. Cities such as Shanghai can become quite expensive, so be sure to research living expenses and weigh them against your pay.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia might just be the hottest place to go right now, and that’s not just because of the weather. In Saudi Arabia, there’s plenty of money to be found in cities such as Dubai. The country has recently struck it rich and is thriving economically, which attracts all kinds of international business, and since you need to speak English for international business, they need teachers.


Nicaragua is known as the hidden gem of Central America. It has beautiful sites such as volcanoes and mountains everywhere you turn while remaining cheaper than Costa Rica and Belize. Finding a city such as Léon can be a sure way to create a comfortable living for yourself surrounded by lovely housing and friendly people. Just wear lots of sunscreen as it may be the hottest place on this list!

Czech Republic

This Eastern European country is similar to Poland and is also noticing a sharp spike of ESL teachers wanted. The Czech Republic makes for a great place to live and if you’re lucky enough to land a job in Prague, then life will probably be pretty much perfect for you.

South Korea

South Korea

This tech country is also getting plenty of international attention for business. Your ESL abilities will be widely welcomed here as this country continues to lead the world in technological advancements.


Spain is known for being the place to go for making good money teaching ESL for a while now. Here you’ll be able to work on your Spanish abilities while living in a warming seaside town or a cozy village.


Taiwan, as well as Thailand, are two of the most popular destinations to head to if you are looking to teach ESL. They have a significant demand and are incredibly cheap. Many budget travelers can live on only $15 per day here, if not less, and manage to save up enough of their income to go out and explore for months after.

Are you looking to teach English abroad? Then these ten countries are excellent jumping off points to begin researching. Each one offers its own perks from culture to affordability and lifestyle. You won’t struggle to find a job in most of these countries, either. Happy travels!


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