Jersey Belle Episode 2

So did you watch the new Bravo show Jersey Belle last week?  I have to say, I loved it!  So much so that I am watching the clock to see what happens on tonight’s episode.

Jersey Belle


According to Jaime’s Facebook post earlier, tonight will be a great night to watch as she shares how she balances her crazy life with a Hollywood job and being a wife and mother.  Originally from New Jersey and now living in Alabama, Jaime has a life that is completely reality TV worthy.  Another balance she’s perfecting…a show that is really funny, but not in an embarrassing anyone other than herself way.


If you missed my interview with Jaime, check it out now!  Here are a few clips of what to expect on the show tonight.

Jersey Belle Episode 2


And if you missed last week’s episode – watch here! 

Watch Jersey Belle on Bravo TV Mondays 10/9 central.

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  1. I always perk up when I see anything about this show, but really it’s because my dog’s name is Jersey and I have a cat named Belle. but now that I keep reading about it, I really want to watch it 🙂

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