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This is sponsored post by Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. All opinions are my own.

Shopping for Life Insurance for Moms should be something that is a little easier than it seems to be. As a single mom, it was always something on the top of my list. However, because of the inconveniences of actually getting it, I never really got around to doing so. Now that I am getting older, it’s no longer an option for me. This is why I had to look for a new option. I am glad I was asked to work with Jenny Life, for I found the insurance to fit my needs. 

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Life Insurance for Moms

Typically, the process to get life insurance is a little bit lengthy beginning with a price quote on the Internet. Then you wait weeks for your scheduled medical exam where blood is drawn, and a urine sample is given. There is then an extensive phone interview with what seems like neverending questions. This is followed by several weeks of waiting for an application to go through. And, if you’re not accepted, yup, you guessed it, you have to start the entire process over again.

Jenny Life Insurance


Jenny Life App

Who has time for that? It’s just not good for anyone that struggles with time management. So what is the solution? This is when Jenny Life comes in. Their Seattle-based team of insurance specialists and software engineers teamed up to build a more efficient process giving us a mobile application. Good for both Apple or Android phones, the app allows you to get a quote and apply for life insurance in a few minutes, entirely EXAM-FREE! Yes. Seriously. You can get life insurance without ever having to sit in an exam room or have a nurse come to your home and draw blood or make you pee in a cup.

It’s for everyone.

Jenny Life works for anyone, not just moms. However, it was built specifically with moms in mind. “Over 60 percent of mothers don’t have life insurance, and we view this as a public policy issue,” said Chirag Pancholi, co-founder of Jenny Life. The company set out to make it incredibly simple for moms to access life insurance. “We believe that accessibility is the number one reason so many moms don’t have mortality protection to cover their children and household, and we felt certain we could help change that.”

Get the App

The Jenny Life application allows you to get an instant quote and apply for life insurance from the mobile phone. It is available in 48 states (not Montana or New York, yet). You can download the app and get a free quote by searching “Jenny Life” in AppStore, Google Play, or links are available via the website at The company also built a nifty little tool at their website where you can drop in your mobile number, and they’ll text you back with the mobile app.

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This is sponsored post by Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. All opinions are my own.


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