myCharge HubPlus – One Portable Charger for All Devices

In the world we live in, it seems we are always on our phones. Googling this, or mapping out that, or calling this person, texting that person, you get what I am saying. My battery rarely lasts a full day. I have a drawer full of portable chargers. I will say that myCharge is my favorite goto charger. So when I recently was asked if I wanted to give their myCharge HubPlus a try, I jumped at the chance. Wait until you see this thing, you will totally get why.

myCharge HubPlus Portable Charger For iPhone, Android and USB
The one charger that does it all. myCharge HubPlus Portable Charger for iPhone, Android, and USB port. PLUS plugs into the wall.

myCharge HubPlus

I have had a myCharge RazorMax now for three years. It has been on countless vacations, days to theme parks, press trips, and let’s just say; it’s had a lot of use. It works as good as it did three years ago. So I can vouch for the brand lasting a LONG time. That is what excites me about the myCharge HubPlus.


I know how frustrating it can be when you live in a home with multiple devices. With all of our smartphones and tablets, headsets, Bluetooth speakers, etc., it’s no wonder we look for options to make charging our devices easier. I recently received the HubPlus from MyCharge and let me tell you, this device has been an answer to what I have been seeking.

myCharge HubPlus Portable Charger For iPhone, Android and USB

About myCharge HubPlus

With built-in cables, we no longer have to worry about juggling long USB cords with us while on the go. The short built-in charging cables make it easy to charge pretty much any and all your devices. However, there is also a USB port making charging and using them at the same time even a possibility. The shorter cords are hidden within the HubPLus, so it is very compact. While I was concerned that the short cords could weaken quickly, that isn’t the case; they are pretty strong and durable. This makes me feel pretty confident that I will get the longevity out of this portable charger as I have out of the myCharge RazorMax.


It has built-in wall prongs to easily recharge HubPlus right in the wall. No need for another plug and USB. With the newly integrated Apple® Lightning™ cable and an integrated micro-USB cable, you’re able to charge different devices at once. The HubPlus is perfect for when I have family and friends over or am traveling on the road. I love that the myCharge HubPlus works for both Apple or Android devices. It recharges my devices about 50% faster than my other chargers and gives up to 4 full battery charges. This is perfect for the days I head out to find my smartphone is on low battery, which happens often or when on a press trip and there are several of us in need of some fuel.

myCharge HubPlus Portable Charger For iPhone, Android and USB

The myCharge HubPlus is available online for $79.99


All the cool kids are using it…



*I was provided a myCharge HubPlus charger for review purposes. I do use it as described and as always, all opinions are my own.

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