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A few weeks ago I went halfway across the world to visit Malaysia.  I have several posts coming up on this amazing experience, but I wanted to share with you my thought process prior to going on what I was going to do about taking photos with my phone and knowing that the weather conditions were going to be very hot and very wet.


This is where LifeProof came in for me.  Over the past 6 years or so of having iPhones, I have used OtterBox and LifeProof on and off.  The things I loved most about the cases of course was that I knew my phone was protected.  But for me, I really wasn’t happy with how my photos would look through the protection shield, how bulky the cases were or how over time the screen protector would start to stick making the touch screen hard to use.  For these reasons, I would always go back to a less protective case.

LifeProof Travel Test

Traveling as much as I do and doing what I do on social media, I take all my photos from my phone.  When I knew I would be going to Malaysia, I was a bit concerned about having my phone on me in the wet weather conditions as well as trekking through the wet rice paddy fields.  This is when I reached out to LifeProof to do a review.


LifeProof comes with 2 options for my iPhone 5s, the Phone 5/5s Case -frē and nüüd.  The frē waterproof iPhone 5/5s case features a built-in scratch protector that’s so thin and clear, your eyes can barely see it, your finger can barley feel it — but your Retina display thanks you for it.   The nüüd is engineered to work in perfect harmony with every feature and function of your iPhone 5/5s — including Touch ID.  And, it does it all in a case that barely adds to the size of your smartphone, while dramatically stepping up its style.  And it doesn’t have the protection screen.  Due to that being one of the features I didn’t like in the past, I opted for the nüüd.


I was then offered the option of accessories between the armband or the LifeJacket float.  It was a hard decision for the LifeJacket float is super cool, but I know me and the I’d use the armband as I exercised – and now with the waterproof case, I can even do laps in the pool.

So, how does this work?  I too am one for seeing is believing, so when my LifeProof case arrived, I did the water test.  LifeProof provides you with a fake phone to test the case.  They recommend that you test out your case every 6 months or so.




So how did it work for me?


I have to say, photos being one of my biggest concerns, all my pictures came out really, really great.  With the steam, the wet and even in the dark, I couldn’t have asked for better images from my iPhone.  I was very impressed.  I didn’t worry for a second as I went into the rice paddy field where I was about calf deep in mucky water, for it’s dirt proof too.  For sure my expectations were exceeded.



And to think it was wet and dark, check out how great this photo came out from a night of frogging.  No filter and with the LifeProof case on my iPhone 5s in the jungle.  Pretty impressive isn’t it?


Due to the weather conditions we didn’t get to do the beach trip that was originally planned, so I didn’t get to take any underwater photos during this trip, but I am planning on next time for sure.


LifeProof has partnered up with Trippin’ with Tara to do a giveaway for you to have a chance to win one of your own.  Enter to win –  One LifeProof iPhone 5/5s case (nuud or fre – winner may select from colors available) and One armband/swimband!

***Update – see my post – LifeProof is now available for an iPhone 6, and when entering, you can request that instead.*
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*LifeProof for iPhone 6 is only available in fre at this time and armbands and lifejackets are only available for the 5/5s.  I was given a LifeProof case for my iPhone 5s for review purposes.  All opinion are my own.
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  1. I was just introduced to the LifeProof case this past weekend. It is rad! Happy to see it allows you to take such dynamic photos – seems like a no-brainer for we who love World Travel + Photography. I’m sold! What a killer giveaway, Tara!

  2. This is the exact case my son has been raving about. I would take my cool mom status up a few notches if I won this. Plus, we visit the pool and beach when the weather is warm. I envision plenty of cool underwater shots, too!

  3. I want the lifeproof case because it’s very convenient for someone like me who goes to rave events, either color party or a wet party, especially when it’s an outdoor one. There really is a chance to rain. This will be useful and convenient.

  4. Geez, I so could use one of these! The things I put my iPhone through, I’m surprised nothing has happened to it as of yet. Knock on wood! I’ve realized that I turn to my iPhone more and more to capture photos and videos these days. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s smaller than my DSLR so it’s easy to transport, but it also captures great quality images. This would definitely make sure nothing happens to it and would also allow me to take some underwater snaps!

  5. I am a water lover! I’m always either swimming at the beach or having fun at a yacht or sometimes even just wanting to take picture underwater in my own swimming pool. I’m in Dubai so the weather is always perfect for swimming.

  6. With an active curious toddler, my phone always get dropped numerous times. I had to have it replaced one time. I have heard good things about life proof but it’s something I can’t afford right now. It would be great to own one. Thanks!

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