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I am blessed to know some very talented people. Some I’ve known longer than others like my friend since childhood, Tammy (Johnson) Fluech. This girl and I made some amazing memories together in the small central Florida town of Inverness where we grew up. Over the last 10 years, I have watched her take her God-given talents and wow her clients time and time again from logos to rebranding. After visiting her in her more recent hometown of Brunswick, Georgia last month, I had to share more about this woman for she inspires me.

typebird creative Logos to ReBranding
Tammy Fluech photo credit: Brooke Roberts

Meet Graphic Artist Tammy Fluech

Tammy is the founder of Typebird Creative and Peppermint Land. She was born and raised in the Sunshine State and is a big fan of the old Florida where she grew up in but also a huge supporter of her current home along the Georgia Coast. Her beautiful office is located in Downtown Historic Brunswick, but she works with clients all over the globe.

How did it all begin?

“Ten years ago I had my first child and decided I wanted to work from home to be with my son. Afraid at first, but merely determined, I started Typebird Creative, a Branding Agency for small business owners who are passionate about what they do. I am very proud of what I have accomplished and certainly look forward to what is to come. With 17 years of graphic design experience and ten years of owning my own business, I began illustrating themed projects on the side as a passion project. Soon it turned into something more than I imagined and this year we will be selling fabric and creative goods for children.”


Get inspired.

Having not one, but running two flourishing businesses is not for the weak. As a writer, some days it’s just hard to be creative. I know this has to be true in as anyone that is artistic really. She posted this image on Instagram, and I found out the story behind her inspiration of birds, and how Typebird Creative got its name.


So what is the story?

“Birds have meaning because when someone passes on I usually pick a bird for them. My dad is an eagle, my grandfather is a hawk, my mom a Mockingbird, etc. For some reason, it has always made me feel better when I see this bird, sort of makes me happy, like they are looking out for me. BUT sometimes something happens with birds that is more like a sign if you will.”


“Many times in my life I have encountered birds very closely, they just sit on a branch near my head or present themselves in a way that is overwhelmingly beautiful kind of right when I need that moment, it has happened so many times I cannot count. So maybe they are a comfort thing, I don’t know but I am grateful for them because of it. When dad died a little yellow bird sat on a branch every night for over a month in our driveway, it was crazy and I checked on him every night.”

Logos to ReBranding

Logos to ReBranding
photo credit: Brooke Roberts

Typebird Creative:

Typebird Creative is a small brand design house located on the coast of Brunswick, Georgia.

How many years?
Ten years

What you do:
We specialize in Brand Therapy, Brand Design, Branducation, Brand Storytelling, Graphic Design & Illustration. We are very interested in working with small businesses who want to tell their story in a unique way while learning effective ways of keeping their branding consistent in their everyday marketing. From social media to print, it is essential to teach our clients about brand awareness in everything they do.

Logos to ReBranding

Who are your clients:
Small business owners, ranging from many creative companies to family-owned businesses, and even farms.

Working remotely:
Yes, we work with clients across the country and even internationally!

Branding Classes:
We are very excited to be hosting a branding class series to the south this summer. We will address your existing brand, photography, copywriting, web design, and social media needs. It’s still under wraps quite a bit for now, but we will be releasing information soon so be sure to sign up for our newsletter on typebirdcreative.com.



Peppermint Land:


“Peppermint Land is my passion project. Growing up with a mother who was clinically depressed I used art as a sort of therapy but rarely shared that art with anyone. It even took me a long time to put these drawings out there too which is very funny given my profession. However, I got brave and started releasing the work. To my surprise, people were incredibly supportive, and a light went off and so began surface pattern design!”


What’s next for Peppermint Land?

“Currently Peppermint Land is growing, and we are working on the website. We will be releasing fabric, aprons for children and art pouches for kids this year. We now have fill in the blank thank you cards for children available for purchase and are working on a book that will be geared towards mental health that is in the works. I want kids to talk openly about their feelings, and hopefully, art can be a therapeutic avenue for them as well.”


How many years?
Three years

What you do:

Who are your clients:
Kids of all ages

Logos to ReBranding Typebird Creative
photo credit: Brooke Roberts

To keep up with all that Tammy is juggling, or if you want to feel inspired, follow her brands on social media.

Typebird Creative Facebook | Typebird Creative Instagram

Peppermint Land Facebook | Peppermint Land Instagram

If you are ready for some brand therapy, I have full confidence in recommending Tammy for the job! She’s got you from Logos to Rebranding!

Typebird Creative Logos to ReBranding
Logos to ReBranding  photo credit: Brooke Roberts


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