Make Your Own Granola Bars

It’s been 11 days and I have stuck to the 21 day meatless challenge that my friend Paris gave me after watching Cowspiracy.  It really hasn’t been hard at all.  I think for me, the best thing that I have be aware of is everything that I eat.  Going out to eat has been easy since there are lots of meatless options on the menus of every restaurant that I have been to, so I am curious to see how I feel after in another 10 days.  So today, Paris shares how she makes her own granola bars!  Enjoy!  ~Tara

Make Your Own Granola Bars


Make your own Granola bars, know what’s in them!

photo 1

Warm Earth Balance Peanut Butter, with a touch of maple syrup.

photo 4-2
In a separate bowl combine steel cut oats (raw), cinnamon, nutmeg, chia seeds, chopped almonds, A scoop of Spirulina, dark chocolate chips, coconut sugar….

photo 5-1
Pour warmed mixture in, stir. Put in a baking dish. (Top with coconut would be great)…refrigerator for at least an hour.



Have you made your own granola bars?  Share your recipe with us!

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